Supercar of the Month - NIO EP9

  • Jan 17, 2017

You may take conventional engines out of a vehicle but you can’t take performance out of a machine - those might have been the words of the NextEV founder when he would have briefed his team to make the world’s fastest electric car. Well, that’s what we are assuming but NextEV has delivered what most of us could only assume. An all-electric supercar that can lap the Nürburgring Nordschliefe in 7 mins and 5.12 seconds and an electric powerplant that can produce a massive power of 1-Megawatt boasting of 0-200kmph time of just 7.1s; those numbers are respectable by even conventionally powered supercar standards.


Powering the NIO EP9 are four high-performance inboard motors paired to four individual gearboxes that return a massive 1360PS of output. The NIO EP9 maxes out at 313kmph and has a 400km range thanks to an interchangeable battery system which makes this supercar special. And if you thought it’ll take an entire night to charge it up again, hold your breath as we tell you that the battery setup of the NIO EP9 is designed to be charged in (just) 45 minutes!
The EP9 isn’t all about raw power but aerodynamics have been carefully taken care of. It gets a three-position active rear wing system and full-length floor diffuser which, together with the front adjustable splitter and fixed aero features help the car to achieve twice the downforce of a Formula One car! Such performance needs a special set of rubber as well and the NIO EP9 gets 320/705 R19 performance slick tyres that can handle 2.53 G of cornering force at 230kph.


Talk about being fit for the future and the EP9 reportedly features an integrated e-control structure and sensor system layout that is capable to fit the latest autonomous driving technology. While no one would want to put his hands off from such a vehicle, it only shows the brand’s preparedness for future.



A look at the specifications:
Max speed – 313 kmph
0-200kmph – 7.1s
Peak power – 1 MW or 1360PS
Peak torque – 1480Nm at motor
Battery charge time – 45 minutes
Battery change time – 8 minutes
Chassis weight – 165kg
Tyres - 320/705 R19 performance slick tyres

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