Supercar Of The Month - Lexus LC

  • Jul 07, 2017

2018_Lexus_LC_500The 2018 LC is Lexus' 2-door coupe with space for four. The legroom at the rear is restricted, and the headroom is further limited thanks to the sloping roofline. But those rear seats are rarely going to be put to use because this sportscar is meant to be driven, not driven in.

The car will come with an option of two powertrains. One is a naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8 with 475PS of power and 540Nm of torque called the LC 500. The other, named LC 500h, is a hybrid with a 3.5-litre V6 with a combined power output of 358PS and peak torque of 472Nm. The green monster here is slower to accelerate and takes 4.7 seconds to reach 100kmph from a standstill. The guzzler takes three-tenths of a second less than that. Good numbers considering that both the cars drive the rear wheels only.

Lexus LC 500

Another notable feature is the 10-speed transmission, which is available with the LC 500. The hybrid drivetrain gets a frugal CVT to seamlessly manage the power output of the engine and the motor. Combined, they both allow the hybrid variant to achieve almost 15kmpl while the V8 can cover 11km on every litre of fuel.

All-speed dynamic radar cruise control rounds up the technology package. It can scan and drive the car by itself while maintaining a safe distance from the car in front. At speeds of up to 40kmph, the car can also prevent an accident by fully applying the brakes. Beyond that, it'll still make an attempt to avoid a crash but slowing down beforehand will certainly reduce the impact.


The sportscar slated to go on sale in the US by the end of this year with a price tag of US $92,000 (Rs 59.54 lakh) for the LC 500. The 500h will cost $96,500 (Rs 62.46 lakh) before local delivery and local taxes. Now that Lexus is here in India bringing cars as direct imports, we may someday see the LC land on our shores.


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