Car Care: Three Tyre Maintenance Tips You Should Never Forget

  • Jun 07, 2017

Tyres are one of the most crucial parts of a car and not maintaining them properly can even lead to accidents. So, here are a few handy tips that we will share for you to keep your car's tyres in good shape.

1. Tyre Pressure

car tyre pressure

Checking air pressure in tyres is a common practice, and you should always ensure that your car's tyres remain filled with manufacturer-recommended air pressure at all times. It may not sound too important but maintaining right tyre pressure is critical. If the air pressure in tyres is not correct, then tyres become prone to damage, and may even lead to a car spin. So, it is advisable to check tyre pressure at least once every month. If you're doing high mileage, then tyre pressure becomes even more crucial, and as a result, the frequency of tyre pressure checks should be increased. You can check your car's user manual or look for a label on the door for the manufacturer-specified tyre pressure reading.

2. Tyre Rotation

car tyre rotation

Tyres are subject to wear and tear. To ensure even wear and tear on all tyres, their positions should be regularly rotated. While car manufacturers specify the period after which tyres should be rotated, most of them keep it at every 1,000 kilometres. Since front tyres usually take up more load in most cars (because the engine is placed in the front), tyre rotation helps in even wear and tear of all tyres. You can cross rotate or straight rotate tyres. Tyre rotation also depends upon which wheels are powered by the engine, front or rear.

3. Wheel alignment

cartyre alignment

To ensure that your car handles correctly, wheel alignment is a must. While it does ensure proper dynamic geometry, it also ensures that tyre wear and tear is even. Additionally, properly aligned cars are more fuel-efficient as well. A car with improper alignment may be subject to more pressure on the bearing and suspension, leading to damage of more parts.

So, to ensure your safety and proper usage of your car's tyres, the above tyre maintenance tips should be kept in mind.


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