Car Care | Taking Care Of Your Car In Summers

  • Mar 21, 2017
car on road over sunny day

Be it the blistering heat wave in Delhi or a humid and sweltering day in Mumbai, the summers are just around the corner. It’s about time we discuss how you can take care of your car this summer.

1. Keep the fluids in check


The summer heat adds to the already high temperatures under the hood of your car and it is thus the place where you need to have a look first. The easy access to controlling fluid levels in modern cars though makes this exercise rather stress-free. It’s very important to keep a tab on the coolant. Look at the see-through container if the levels are within acceptable limits.

2. Check tyre pressure every alternate week

Checking Tire Pressure

As the outside temperature climbs, the air in your car's tyres expands, so check your tyre pressure when the tyres are at a normal temperature every fortnight, if not every week. Fill up only according to the user manual when the tyres are cold.

3. Park right and protect the paint


The bodypaint of the car is what suffers the most under the scorching sunlight, so be good to it and park your car under a canopy whenever possible during these months. Also regularly wax your vehicle using a polish with UV protection to reduce sun damage and paint fading.

4. Fuel economy check

Auto mechanic working on a car in his garage

Schedule periodic maintenance drills like oil and filter changes and inspection or replacement of the air cleaner and fuel filters. Not only are these essential to the durability of your engine in the long term, but neglecting them will affect fuel economy in the short term, too.

5. Maintain the air-conditioning


Last but not the least, it will all boil down to the air conditioning of your car on a hot sunny day. According to experts, the best way to determine if your air conditioner has a problem is if it can't generate or maintain air temperatures that are 10 degrees Celsius below the outside air temperature. The most common cause of a malfunctioning air conditioning unit is a low level of refrigerant.

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