Car Care | Smells Like Trouble – 6 Odours You Should Watch Out For

  • Apr 24, 2017

You love your new car, it's clean inside-out, that new-car smell is intoxicating. You maintain it like it is your own baby. In spite of all the love and care, you suddenly start to notice some unusual odours. Watch out, these could mean that your car is experiencing some problems – some of which can be disastrous if not taken care of immediately. Here's a guide to odours emitted by cars which you should be worried about.

Burnt Rubber


If the burning rubber smell is coming from the engine bay of your car, it could mean that one or more rubber components there are wearing out abnormally. The smell is usually associated with the rubber belt(s) wearing out due to abnormal tensioning, it is advisable to get it(them) checked and replaced if necessary. If it is not the belt, then one of the many rubber hoses in the engine compartment is resting on a hot component which it shouldn't do .

Burnt Oil


Different oils are used in a car to keep it running smoothly, this smell is usually associated with a leaking oil-pipe/hose. While a leaking oil line is problematic because it can lead to important liquids getting drained out, it is also dangerous if these oils are leaking onto the exhaust pipe or other hot surfaces.



If you can smell the fuel in your car even after you have driven away from a fuel-station, it means there is a leak – it could be either in the fuel tank, fuel-lines or fuel-injectors. If you can smell fumes, it also means that your car is now a safety hazard with a big possibility that it can catch fire anytime.

Sweet syrup


This smell is associated with a leaking engine coolant component. It could either be the engine coolant storage tank, the coolant pipes or even the radiator hoses.

Rotten eggs


A failing catalytic converter's first sign is the smell of rotten eggs from your exhaust. This is not only harmful for the environment, but also for your engine.

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