Car Care | Alloy Wheels Maintenance

  • Jan 18, 2017

A good set of wheels can make a huge difference to how your car looks. In fact, many people choose alloy wheels wheels for the sole reason of making their car look a little better. Apart from the aesthetic advantages, there is a major difference between steel wheels and alloy wheels, which have implications for durability and performance. Here are some tips on how to keep your wheels shiny and clean.

1. Wash regularly

A set of dirty wheels, especially alloy wheels, is a sheer put-off. Make sure you wash your wheels every day to prevent brake dust and dirt buildup.


Also remember to wash each wheel individually either on or off the car to ensure the best results. Eash wheel should be washed with a warm water and detergent solution for the best results. Remember to use a soft cloth and never a harsh brush to wash your wheels since it might leave scratches on the surface. Use a bug and tar remover is necessary to remove harsher residues.

Never clean your wheels when they are still hot from driving as the water will evaporate too quickly leaving soap streaking. Washing when the wheels are hot can also lead to rapid cooling in the metal, which in turn might affect the wheel’s life.


Another way of protecting a new set of wheels is to apply a layer of wax or an extra coat of clear on the wheel before installing the tyre.

2. Avoid scraping the wheels on the kerb

Once you have a set of new wheels, it is strongly advised to stay away from the kerb at all costs. Alloy wheels usually have a very low level of resistance against kerb contact and the smallest of contact can result in chipping or scratching your wheels.


Following these simple tips will maintain the appearance of your car’s wheels as well as assist them in lasting longer. Since high-end wheels are often quite expensive and can be a highly personal statement that the owner makes, it is worth spending a little extra time on cleaning them.

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