Car Care: 3 Things You Should Not Do In An Automatic Transmission Car

  • Oct 06, 2017


The Indian automotive market has not been an early adopter of automatic transmissions. Our market is price sensitive and automatic cars in the mass market segment can cost up to 20 per cent more than their manual counterparts. Automatic transmissions, particularly torque converters, are also less fuel efficient, another big concern for the Indian market. However, increasing traffic density on our roads and improvement in automatic transmission technology has finally led to the masses accepting automatic cars. All traditional and modern-day automatic transmissions demand more care compared to a manual gearbox owing to the complexity of the equipment. So, here are a few things you should not do when driving an automatic car.

Shifting On The Go

Even automatic gears require you to shift the transmission lever. However, in this case, it is to put the transmission into Drive, Parking, Neutral or Reverse gears. Some automatic gearboxes allow you to manually select forward gear ratios as well, but we aren’t talking about that here. One should take utmost care to not shift from D (drive) to R (reverse) or P (parking) gears when the car is moving. Doing so can cause damage to the transmission.


Over Parking!

Every time you put the gear lever in P (parking), it stops the transmission from rotating and prevents the vehicle from moving. Shifting to P and vice versa is like putting the transmission to sleep and waking it up. The process causes wear and tear. Therefore, it is advised to not engage into P when stopping for a short duration, like on a traffic signal.

Coasting In Neutral

As kids, we enjoyed going downhill on a bicycle as it didn’t require any mechanical effort. We apply the same philosophy to cars in order to save fuel. But it should be remembered that this practice is a strict no-no in any car, automatic or manual. In the case of manual transmission, you can shift into a higher gear from neutral when you reach a flat road. But that’s not the case with automatic transmission. Shifting the transmission into D mode from N when the car is still in motion can reduce the life of your gearbox.

Following these simple tips will allow you to increase the life of your car’s automatic transmission and lower your maintenance bills.


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