Volvo V40 Cross Country: Road Test Review

  • Jul 11, 2013

Seldom has it happened that you stare at an object while it engulfs you with its beauty and character and magnetizes every cell of your body in order to pull you towards it with a weird attraction. It is the time when you just cannot escape the fascination of the object standing in front of you. Even though words cannot even come close to the feelings that ran through me when I saw the exquisite Volvo V40, the lines above are just exactly what I felt during my first meeting with this marvelous piece of design from Volvo, only to be multiplied a hundred times over the course of the complete day. The Volvo V40 Cross Country indeed looks exquisite if nothing else.

The first look at the car will hook your eyes to its brilliantly crafted curves on the body. Be it the daytime running lamps, the tail lamps or the body, everything that has come out of a Volvo factory has that special feeling attached to it. The majestic V40 simply takes the breath away but the car itself is in a confused segment because the India specific V40 has been raised by few millimeters to gobble the typical Indian terrain. Now most think the car as a SUV due to increased ground clearance and massive looks though truly, the car falls in the hatchback or crossover segment and essentially is a GT or a grand tourer. The low panoramic roof blends effortlessly with the windscreen and gives it a very unique an aggressive stance while seen side on, you do the coupe like sloping roof.

Still in deep thoughts about the how beautiful a Volvo can look, I stepped towards it, forgetting to take out the key which was lying somewhere in black hole of my jeans pocket. A touch to the metal handles and voila, Volvo saved me from the embarrassment by unlocking the doors by itself. The keyless Volvo can sense the proximity of the remote key and can open the door when you touch it. Slide onto the contrast stitched leather seats and everything starts to make perfect sense. The microscopic attention to detail everywhere in the car takes the Volvo to another level of excitement. The floating centre console with wizard of buttons is smartly designed to keep the functions neat and clean. The dashboard looks huge and has plenty of room for pretty much everything or any electronic device. The highlight of the interior would be the giant TFTY screen behind the brilliantly steering wheel wrapped in leather.

The console is actually a super quality colour screen and displays every possible issue or process going on with the car with crystal clear clarity. The Volvo V40 has three modes in it; Elegance, Eco and Performance. The dials change their colour and information displayed on them according to the modes. You just sit there in the sinking leather and enjoy the show which is often is synchronized act of your foot and steering wheel. The shift knob simply looks brilliant. Volvo V40 has these small bits and pieces which increases the attention to detail to some another level. The more you spend time with the machine, the more you love it – especially at night. Let it get dark and the color theme on the inside will leave a smile on your face!

Press the start/stop button and the 5-cylinder 2 Litre turbo engine breathes out through twin exhaust system. Even though these is a loud diesel crackle which does not reaches the cabin so much due to noise proof material cladded but still, it is a little loud for a Volvo. Revv the car however and the brilliant exhaust note just takes over you. Flick the beautiful (again!) gear level into D, lift off your right foot from the brake lever and the super smooth engine of Volvo starts pushing the car forward. There are three variants of the V40 available in the international market but in India, it comes only in D3 variant and the engine develops a decent enough power of 150 Bhp, which feels quite adequate for highways.

The dual clutch gearbox shifts effortlessly and works very efficiently to put good fuel efficiency figures on the display. With the systems like BLIS (blind spot information system), WHIPS and other aiding equipment, you always feel safe inside the Volvo V40. Even scariest of throttle position does not scares you and the systems of the car lets you play around and unleash that naughty side of you very safely and sanely.In traffic, the steering does it job well and doesn't require too much of an attention from the driver. The suspension, in spite of being raised, does feel comfortable for most of time.

However, driven alone, you do feel sharp undulations easily. That said, the planted feel at high speeds is something that provides confidence to the passengers. With the Taj Expressway empty during our morning shoot, the Volvo V40 was allowed to stretch its leg. At an indicated 110km/h, the engine literally lazes around at 2000rpm – this also translates into good fuel economy. We got an overall of 12.2kmpl during the 3 days the V40 was with us for! The Swedish giant; Volvo has always been known their long safety equipment list and this car is no different. The V40 carries more airbags than an average German car from this segment. This awestruck thing even has a pedestrian air-bag!

No other manufacturer in this world has a safety equipment list so detailed and meaningful. This is what sets Volvo apart from every other carmaker in this world. Volvo offers great level of comfort, ample space and a showcase of their brilliance with the V40. The car does very well on paper and looks brilliant in flesh and with the price tag it comes with; it just takes the advantage from its rivals like the X1 and the Q3. With the V40, Volvo might just get their winning formula correct! With previous offerings not really setting the sales charts on fire, this time, the company has struck the right chord at the right price. Neglect the small boot (about 400 litres), dismiss the ability to seat 3 abreast comfortably at the rear and acknowledge the slightly dated fascia design and the V40 CC will give you enough reasons to be picked up as a personal car!


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