Volkswagen Phaeton: An unmatchable luxury car

Published On December 10, 2009 By at Gaadi

After two days at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it was like we will all be driving electric or hybrid cars the next time we would be getting into one. But thanks to Volkswagen that did not happen and instead we had the opportunity to drive their flagship car, the Phaeton.

For a long time Volkswagen were known as a small car manufacturer. When they decided to enter the luxury car market, they wanted to make a statement that they can take on the best with their flagship model. That was not all. Even the plant that would manufacture these cars would set a standard that others would not be able to match. The transparent glass factory is one off its kind in the world. Most people would give anything just to have the wooden flooring in their homes. It is something for you to see in order to believe.

It was nice to get behind the steering of a car after two days of walking at the show. The Phaeton has all the gizmos you need and some more to give you the perfect driving position to suit each and every individual. The drive would take us from Frankfurt to Dresden - a distance of 470 kilometers. Once we hit the Autobahn and started cruising, the Phaeton came into its own. Immediately you could say that this car was designed and made for cruising and munching miles. The 3-litre TDI engine was doing a great job in the Phaeton as it propelled it to the 200km/h mark with absolute ease. The solid bottom end pull of the diesel engine also gave the car fantastic tractability at low speeds. This is the car to have to have if you want to be driven around as the plush suspension offers you great ride quality and comfort level. Even after the 470 odd kilometers and four hours of driving there was no sign of fatigue or tiredness.

VW have achieved what they set out to do and that is to build an extremely luxurious and comfortable car. If you want keep a low profile but also have all the comfort and luxury then the Phaeton is the car for you.