Toyota Etios Diesel versus Maruti Swift DZire Diesel

  • Oct 10, 2011

Toyota Etios has helped Toyota gain more market share and provide better value to its customers. It is a mass market car which has been a very good seller in its segment and improved growth of the company. Etios is a very good car from Toyota and we are here to tell you how it fares with its rival so that you can make an informed buying decision when you buy your next sedan. Maruti Swift DZire has been one of the top selling sedans in the entry level sedan segment. Manufactured and sold by India’s number one manufacturer it has become one of the hottest selling sedans. Maruti is a household brand and the DZire ever since its launch has well sunk into the minds of every Indian car owner and potential car buyers. DZire sedan remains one of the top cars in its segment today.

Looks and design:


Toyota Etios has a rather simple design compared to its competitors. It has a clean and plain design which seems a little ordinary but remains contemporary. The Etios sedan adorns oodles of chrome all over the car which Indians love and the front grille combined with traditional looking headlamps looks good on the sedan.. Toyota Etios has neatly designed tail lamps and the rear of the car looks proportionate to the front. Etios does a good job of impressing people and the family crowd will certainly appreciate the elegant deign cues of Toyota Etios and it is a well rounded car that has good build quality, fit and finish and has been well constructed.


Maruti Swift DZire shares its stylish design with its hatchback sibling Maruti Swift. Swift DZire however belongs to the midsize sedan segments and brings many more features compared to its rivals and its hatchback sibling. When you look at Swift DZire from different angles gives you a feel that car looks macho, especially from the front and the design element being modern is very appealing. The DZire has a proportionate design and the changes over the Swift in terms of design alone have allowed a larger rear quarter glass and more rear space. DZire has good build quality and overall has been well constructed.

Looks overall – Toyota Etios Diesel 7/10
Looks overall – Maruti Swift DZire Diesel

Interiors – design, space and features:


Toyota Etios is a well equipped car with all the modern equipments found in other cars. It is also very spacious and will easily seat 5 adults inside without a hint of discomfort to any one of them. It has very good interior quality and the red-black-grey interiors look great. The car feels very spacious and well built. It has includes features such as 4 power windows, electrically operated rear view mirrors, cooled glovebox, 4 speaker DVD/MP3 system and an audio remote control. It also includes steering mounted audio controls but misses out on some functionality such as MID in its instrument panel, driver’s seat height adjustment and USB/AUX port which you can buy separately. The Etios includes plenty of storage areas and the boot space is cavernous at 595 liters and easily larger than most of its competitors.


Maruti Swift DZire Diesel comes loaded with great features such as comfortable seats which provide good back and leg support and plenty of leg room for the rear passengers and will seat 5 persons easily without any discomfort to anyone. The DZire sedan comes with integrated single din stereo music system with CD player, MP3, WMA and FM radio support. The instrument console in the DZire has a functional white-lit speedometer and tachometers which look great at night and are highly visible during the day. DZire sedan’s upholstery matches the interiors of the car giving it a very elegant feel to it and comparatively seems to an overall better interior quality. The interior quality of the DZire sedan is superior to that of its competitors and maintains very good level of fit and finish. Swift DZire sedan has features such as the rear defogger, adjustable shoulder anchor, power-steering and power windows. It also has large and easy to load 464 liter of boot space.

Interiors overall – Toyota Etios Diesel 7/10
Interiors overall – Maruti Swift DZire Diesel 8/10

Engine – performance, power, torque, fuel economy, smoothness:


Toyota Etios Petrol is a good performer with its 1.4 liter diesel engine with a fixed geometry turbo which produces a maximum power of 67 BHP at 3800 RPM and 170 NM of maximum torque from 1700 RPM. Its excellent torque ensures that its drivability is better compared to its competitors, making the power extremely useable and the car easy to drive in bad traffic conditions. It is easily capable of reaching higher speeds quickly in any gear owing to the power available in every gear. Toyota has done well to take care of the NVH levels of the engine making it a comfortable drive owing to high engine refinement level. Toyota Etios has been certified by ARAI to deliver a maximum fuel efficiency of 23.59 kmpl.


Maruti Swift DZire Diesel is a very good performer in its diesel variant offering a great balance of power and efficiency. The diesel variant of the Maruti Swift DZire comes with a 1.3 liter 1248 DDiS engine which is known for its performance. It meets the latest emission norms owing to its advanced technology. Swift DZire Diesel produces a very respectable 75 BHP at 4000 RPM and 190 NM of torque at 2000 RPM making it extremely drivable in the city. The diesel Swift DZire returns an ARAI certified 21.7 kmpl. Swift DZire Diesel has great torque and outright performance compared to its competitor which allows for some spirited driving owing to the usable power available on tap anytime, anywhere.

Engine overall – Toyota Etios Diesel 7/10
Engine overall – Maruti Swift DZire Diesel 7.5/10

Suspension – Ride, comfort and handling:


Toyota Etios sedan has been designed keeping in mind the markets that it would be sold in and it has been fine tuned for India. It brings very good handling and passenger comfort for a sedan in its segment and the diesel variant handles just as well as the petrol. Toyota has taken great care in building the car keeping Indian road conditions in mind and that shows when you drive the car. The car is adequately insulated from tyre and road noise and doesn’t hamper passenger comfort levels. Toyota Etios is stable at high speeds and at low speeds and over bad roads it ensures that the suspension absorbs all the bumps and passenger comfort isn’t hampered. It has a minimum turning radius of 4.9 meters making it easy to maneuver in the city. Etios comes with safety features such as ABS and EBD to slow the car down from high speeds.


Maruti Swift DZire Diesel is a very good handling sedan in the midsize segment. Having built on the same platform as its hatchback counterpart it ensures high level of comfort and stability. DZire has a slightly firm ride but it is of acceptable quality and the suspension is well tuned leading to a well cushioned passenger seats comfort and makes for a satisfactory city driving experience when tackling potholed roads. DZire has good ride quality and handling capabilities and level of highway stability is excellent. Swift DZire in its Diesel variant handles on par with the petrol variant and the additional weight makes no substantial difference in handling. It even allows the occasional spirited driving. Maruti has built a sedan that pleases all kinds of car owners and consumers.

Suspension overall – Toyota Etios Diesel – 7.5/10
Suspension overall – Maruti Swift DZire Diesel – 7.5/10

Value for money – sticker price, standard features:

Toyota has always catered to the needs of their customers and with Etios it has brought an excellent package to its customers. Toyota Etios continues Toyota legacy of being a trouble-free and reliable car always. Toyota has done well to price this car correctly and it starts with the price of (ex-showroom Delhi) 6.89 lakhs for the base variant Toyota Etios GD and the top variant diesel Toyota Etios VXD is priced at 7.87 lakhs. The pricing is quite good for the diesel variant making it an affordable car to buy. Toyota is a renowned car manufacturer known for their quality products and you can’t go wrong with a Toyota.

Maruti produces some of the best cars in the country and has done well in manufacturing the DZire for the entry level sedan segment with excellent features and good build quality. Swift DZire sports very good interiors and sporty styling and comes with a very respectable level of kit for the price. Maruti has priced the Swift DZire Diesel variant at price (ex-showroom Delhi) starting from 5.85 lakhs for Swift DZire Diesel base variant. The middle variant Swift DZire Diesel VDI is priced at 6.36 lakhs and the top-end diesel Swift DZire Diesel has been priced at 7.19 lakhs. The pricing combined with the level of kit and fuel economy and of course the Maruti brand name makes this car a value for money purchase.

Value for money overall – Maruti Swift DZire Diesel – 8/10
Value for money overall – Toyota Etios Diesel – 8/10


Toyota Etios is a strong performer in this segment owing to its pricing, fuel efficiency and Toyota brand name. Toyota builds great cars and sells them at affordable prices so that the customers get the most for their money. Toyota has also ramped up its service network ensuring that their valued customer needs are always met. Etios brings good features, driving experience and comfort all at a good price, making it a very good car to buy.

Maruti is a segment leader and offers products at unbeatable value and Swift DZire Diesel is one amongst them. It has great value for money and makes for an excellent overall package, all things considered. Swift DZire Diesel has well designed interiors and sporty looks with performance which is on par with rest of the competition and sometimes exceeding them. It has attracted families and younger car buyers given its similarities to the Swift. The Maruti brand value still holds strong and will continue in the years to come.

Toyota Maruti
Car version VD VXD VXI ZDI
Ex-showroom price 741135 787000 547227 719874
Length 4265 4265 4160 4160
Width 1695 1695 1690 1690
Height 1510 1510 1530 1530
Wheelbase 2550 2550 2390 2390
Boot space 595 595 464 440
Kerb Weight 1005 1005 1025 1115
Turning radius 4.9 4.9 4.7 4.7
Tank capacity 45 45 43 43
Clearance 170 170 170 170
Displacement 1364 1364 1298 1248
Max. Power 68PS @ 3800rpm 68PS @ 3800rpm 87 PS @ 6000 rpm 75 PS @ 4000 rpm
Max. Torque 170Nm@1800rpm 170Nm@1800rpm 113 Nm @ 4500 rpm 190 Nm @ 2000 rpm
Fuel economy 23.59 23.59 17.94 21.7
Cylinders 4 4 4 4
Type Manual Manual Manual Manual
Speeds 5 5 5 5
Tyre Radial Tubeless Radial Tubeless 165/80 R 14 (tubeless) 185/70 R 14 (tubeless)
Front MacPherson Strut MacPherson Strut MacPherson strut and coil spring MacPherson strut and coil spring
Rear Torsion Beam Torsion Beam Torsion beam and coil spring Torsion beam and coil spring

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