Old Maruti Ritz Diesel versus New Maruti Ritz Diesel

  • Nov 20, 2012
Maruti Ritz has always been one of the best cars from the segment in the Indian car market and recently Maruti upgraded the diesel variant of the Ritz hatchback and gave it a facelift. Ritz has been selling successfully and Maruti wants to increase its sales of the Ritz diesel and has given it a nice upgrade to please potential customers into buying the new car. See how it fares against the older Ritz Diesel and find out more about the changes.

Looks and design:


The old Maruti Ritz diesel came only in LDI and VDI variants but sported similar looks to that of the Petrol Ritz. However since there was no top end variant the older Ritz sported narrower tyres compared to the ZXI variant. It had sporty headlamps and an aggressively styled front end and looked very good. It was well built and exterior fit, finish and paint quality was all very good.


The new Maruti Ritz Diesel is now available in a ZDI variant also and brings a redesigned mature front end. It has very good road presence and in terms of design improves over its predecessor. It has 185 section tyres which look good along with alloy wheels and body colored rear view mirrors. The build quality is very good and overall the new Ritz looks better than the older model.

Looks overall – Old Maruti Ritz Diesel – 8/10
Looks overall – New Maruti Ritz Diesel
– 8.5/10

Interiors – design, space and features:


The old Maruti Ritz diesel variant was available in only LDI and VDI models there no ZDI variant but it came with features such as fabric on door trim, front seat under tray, tachometer, alerts for seat belt, door closure etc. It also came with air bags for safety. It had comfortable seating and ample leg and headroom and the boot space was sufficient at 236 liters.


The new Maruti Ritz diesel comes with a ZDI variant and this model brings more features such as CD/MP3 player, red dual tone interiors, steering mounted audio controls, tiltable steering wheel, rear wiper and defogger, keyless entry amongst others. It has the same spacious cabin as the older iteration and comes with boot space of 236 liters sufficient for your small travel luggage.

Interiors overall – Old Maruti Ritz Diesel – 7.5/10
Interiors overall – New Maruti Ritz Diesel
– 8.5/10

Engine – performance, power, torque, fuel economy, smoothness:


The old Maruti Ritz diesel sports the 1.3 liter DDiS engine delivering 75 BHP at 4000 RPM and 190 NM of torque at 2000 RPM and now delivers a fuel efficiency of 23.2 kmpl as certified by ARAI. It is a fantastic engine with ample power and comes with a 5 speed gearbox and delivers excellent performance and fuel efficiency.


The new Maruti Ritz Diesel sports the identical 1.3 liter engine with no changes to it whatsoever. The performance is good and it has a nice surge when the turbo kicks in. The drivability is excellent thanks to its 5 speed gearbox and there is loads of low end torque. It is a proven engine and has excellent fuel efficiency of 23.2 kmpl as rated by ARAI.

Engine overall – Old Maruti Ritz Diesel – 8.5/10
Engine overall – New Maruti Ritz Diesel
– 8.5/10

Suspension – Ride, comfort and handling:


The old Maruti Ritz had a well tuned suspension and brought a comfortable ride. It had good highway stability and the comfortable seats and suspension ensured a good ride always. It had high ground clearance and despite that the body roll was well controlled for a tall-boy hatchback. It has ABS + EBD which are well calibrated and ensure you have good control over your braking.


The new Maruti Ritz has unchanged suspension setup from the older model. There is no difference in the handling of the car as it offers the same ride quality as the older Ritz diesel. The heavier diesel engine doesn’t make any difference to the handling dynamics of the car compared to the petrol variant. The brakes are effective and the steering provides decent feedback however at higher speeds it could’ve been more weighted which would’ve resulted in a better driving experience.

Suspension overall – Old Maruti Ritz Diesel – 8/10
Suspension overall – New Maruti Ritz Diesel – 8/10

Value for money – sticker price, standard features:

The diesel variant of old Maruti Ritz was priced (ex-showroom Delhi) starting from 4.89 lakhs for the base model diesel Ritz LDI and 5.14 lakhs for the Ritz diesel VDI. There was no ZDI model available back then. The pricing was excellent as the car has very good performance, good interiors and level of kit and service backup is impeccable.

The new Maruti Ritz Diesel has been priced from (ex-showroom Delhi) price of 5.31 lakhs for Maruti Ritz Diesel LDI, Maruti R
itz Diesel VDI is priced at 5.64 lakhs, Maruti Ritz Diesel VDI ABS is priced at 5.82 lakhs and the top variant in diesel Maruti Ritz Diesel ZDI is priced at 6.23 lakhs. The pricing still makes it good value for money. The new Ritz looks better than before and offers more features and reliable performance and excellent fuel economy.

Value for money overall – Old Maruti Ritz Diesel – 8/10
Value for money overall – New Maruti Ritz Diesel – 8/10


Maruti have another winner at hand with their strategy of giving their popular hatchback Ritz a facelift for the diesel variant. Maruti cars have a long waiting list owing to the high demand for their cars. Maruti Ritz diesel facelift will ensure a steady stream of customers buying the new iteration of the popular hot hatch. The new Ritz only ups the competition as it comes at competitive pricing with good features, performance, level of kit, warranty and best service back in the car industry.

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