Nissan Terrano vs Renault Duster

Published On August 21, 2013 By at Gaadi

With Nissan finally unveiling the Terrano SUV yesterday (click to read), most of us have been happy with the overall product. Unlike other models from the Nissan - Renault joint venture, the Terrano does look a lot different from the Renault Duster - both on the inside and the outside. Here is our little deep dive into the comparison of both these lovely SUVs.

Nissan Terrano vs Renault Duster : Looks and design

Though the Terrano is essentially based on the Duster, Nissan has  worked hard on getting a new front and rear end. Seen neck to neck, the Terrano easily overshadows the Duster when it comes to that sporty appeal. A major contribution for this goes to the gorgeous machined alloy wheels. As of now, we dont know if these will only come with the top end model or as an option in other trim levels too.
Seen front on, the Terrano gets a revised front grille, headlamps and bumper and all these seem to have been inspired from Nissan's global products like the Pathfinder and Murano.

We also love the black treatment for the grille and the same goes for the B and C pillars. The Terrano also gets roof rails and at the rear, the new combination tail lamps look great. The chrome lip above the number plate is also smaller and the bumper is redesigned. Neat touches include an unexposed tow hook at the rear.
The Nissan Terrano looks terrific from the rear three quarters which again is mainly due to the lovely alloy wheels - we simply love them!

Nissan Terrano vs Renault Duster : Cabin and interiors

The Renault Duster was always known for its airy cabin with good visibility around and the same continues here in the Nissan Terrano as well. However, the Duster was often criticized for its poor quality of materials used. This however isnt the case with the Terrano. Nissan has not only worked on a slightly new design, the quality of materials used is of a higher grader too. Good points include the tiny storage space above the air-vents  - these central console vents again are new. The steering is different and the silver insert looks nice - however, shockingly, the Terrano doesnt get audio controls on the steering wheel - these are present on the Duster in the form of a small stalk on the right side. Nissan has also not re-positioned the awkwardly placed knob for adjusting the outside mirrors - this is still placed under the hand brake lever!
The speedometer console seems to be the same to us - same goes for overall passenger and boot space.

Nissan Terrano vs Renault Duster : Pricing

During the launch of the product yesterday, Nissan didnt really annouce much - they did showcase the car but didnt not indulge in any more detals - no specs, no pricing, no versions. What we know is that the Terrano, like the Duster, will be offered in both petrol and diesel engine options and we believe even the versions will be similar to the Duster's.
As for pricing, the Terrano will be priced around Rs 35,000 to Rs 45,000 more than Duster. This is roughly a premium of 4-5% and given the changes and the look, we feel its worth the dough - just be ready for a long waiting period!

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