New Mahindra Xylo : first look and review

Published On February 08, 2012 By at Gaadi
Here is our first look at the new Mahindra Xylo that was launched today, ie, on 8th Feb 2012

Launched way back in Jan 2009, the Xylo didn’t really fire up the sales charts for Mahindra. This was mainly due to the way it looked from the front. After years of development, this wasn’t expected from a company that also gave us the sporty muscular Scorpio! So while the rest of the vehicle packed in enough juice and features, prospective buyers couldn’t really digest the front end looks - for example, Mahindra sold just 1863 Xylos in Jan 2012! On the good side, having personally used one for more than 8 months (E8 version), I can vouch for its engine punch, space and practicality.
The D2 model that was introduced for the taxi segment though had a great start – it had an efficient engine, space and a value packed sticker price! That said, Mahindra knew all this time that for the average Indian family, the Xylo wasn’t on the final short-list of cars / MUVs. This made the designers hit the board again, the result of which we saw officially the first time today, ie, on the 8th of Feb 2012

So, is a new pleasing front end design the only change? No, not really. Here are a list of changes that the new Xylo gets.

1. The revised front end looks a lot like their pick-up, the Genio. But it gets pretty well
2. The ‘E’ line-up gets more company in the form of the E9 model.
3. This E9 model gets the mHawk engine from the Scoprio : 120Bhp of power and 280Nm of torque.
4. The E9 model gets top end goodies like steering wheel controls, voice activated commands, cruise control system etc
5. The E9 has an all-new gearbox – wow!
6. The D models, D2 and D4, continue with the mDI engine. The E4, E8 engines continue with the mEagle engine
7. The suspension is improved – gets anti-roll bars up front and at the rear for better stability.
8. The interiors more or less remain same - the feature list though incrases!

The D range, consisting of D2 and D4 is a very good option for the taxi and tour operator segment with its fantastic fuel economy of a rated 14.95kmpl as per ARAI.

The E range is best suited for private and family use. Good, punchy engines : the mEagle on the E4 and E8 return 11.68 as per ARAI (for BS IV). The top end E9 won’t sell much but will a fantastic buy for those looking at all the goodies. At 10.25lakh, it is also significantly cheaper than say the top end Innova!

PRICES (ex-showroom , Delhi)
D2 -- Rs 7.37 lakh
D4 -- Rs 7.77 lakh
E4 -- Rs 8.11 lakh
E4 ABS -- Rs 8.34 lakh
E8 -- Rs 9.1 lakh
E8 ABS and airbags -- Rs 9.47 lakh
E9 Rs --10.25 lakh