Maruti Vitara Brezza Diesel Review [94 images inside]

  • Mar 16, 2016
Maruti started working on the Brezza almost 4 years back. This is the first Maruti vehicle to have been developed entirely in India and has been the most awaited launch of 2016. It made its world premier at the Auto Expo, went on sale on 8th March, we drove it today around Pune, and here's our quick first drive review of this compact SUV. Can it live up to the hype, and most importantly, is this the perfect compact SUV in India?

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Much has been said about how the Brezza looks and trust me, it looks even better in flesh. You simply can't tell its a sub 4 meter vehicle. It has been developed completely in India and full marks to the designers to make the Brezza look big. The front three quarter is the best angle to look at this compact SUV - its a good fusion of various colours including chrome and black.

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The chunky grille, the well shaped headlamps with DRLs, cleverly placed indicators right above the fog lamps and the silver skid plates, everthing gels together to make the Brezza quite a looker. Dual-tone colour, available only on the top-end version, does look sporty specially when you look at the car from the side.

[caption id="attachment_19748" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Maruti Vitara Brezza front Maruti Vitara Brezza front[/caption]

You also notice the almost flat roof which makes it look like the Evoque, and that's a big complement. The rear profile is interesting too - the spoiler, chrome lip above the number plate and finally the clutter free design - it all makes the SUV look smart.

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And then the chunky 16-inch alloy wheels - they look great and get the widest tyres ever seen on a Maruti.

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Overall, the Brezza will easily turn heads on the roads and gets full marks in the design department.

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Step inside the Brezza and if you have driven the Baleno, you will feel at home. The cabin design is almost similar apart from a few changes. The first is the different speedometer console which is less flashy but gets mood lightning - a cost effective touch which looks cool. The steering looks nice and gets controls for voice commands, cruise control and audio system. On the right of the steering you have controls for the outside mirrors and of course the start/stop button.

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Door pads are big enough to accomodate large bottles while you also get two cup holders between the front two seats. There is space to keep knick knacks in front of the gear lever as well - this place also has the USB port and a charging outlet. The arm-rest can slide forward and has decent storage space under it. The Brezza comes with two gloveboxes with the top one offering cooling function. And finally, the much talked about Apple CarPlay - we have seen this in other Maruti cars too and it works like a charm and sounds nice as well. In the Brezza it gets a piano black finish around it.

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The seats offer decent comfort and space is not an issue. Time to check out the 2nd row. Now you do not get rear AC vents but Maruti has compensated this by offering great visibility, an armrest with cup holders and a clever hook behind the driver seat to hang soft bags that weigh up to 3kgs. There is ample space for three adults and further, the seats can be flipped over to liberate a lot of space for carrying more than just a few suitcases. Even with the second row in place, the boot offers decent space.

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The Brezza will only be offered with a diesel engine and this is because when Maruti started developing the Brezza 4 years back, the market for petrol compact SUVs was hardly there. That said, the company says they are looking at launching a petrol engine in the future, but haven't confirmed if it will be a 1.2 K12 or a 1.0 Boosterjet.

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Back to the diesel mill - it is the same tried and tested 1248cc, DDiS motor that powers other diesel Marutis. Like the Ciaz and the Ertiga, this one too puts out 90PS of power and 200Nm of torque. And like most Ciaz and Ertiga, it has enough turbo lag to leave you wanting for more. That said, the engine works fine when driving around with flowing traffic. It's only when you want to overtake a slow moving car or when you are going up a flyover is when you have to be in the right gear and in the meat of the torque band. That said, we love this motor for its high revving nature and out on open roads, this can be a quick SUV.

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Gearshift quality is decent, not excellent. Talking of gears, the 1st is good for an indicated 40, 2nd for 80 and 3rd for 125. At these speeds, the engine is spinning at about 5,250 rpm. At an indicated 100km/h in 5th, the engine spins at a lazy 2,100 rpm. Icing on the cake is the segment best fuel economy!

The drive:
NVH levels are good. For most part, the diesel clatter sound is well damped and the same goes for wind and road noise. That said, the EcoSport is quieter on the inside.

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The steering as expected is light for city usage and weighs up beautifully as speeds rise. Inspite of the height, the Brezza loves attacking corners and remains composed even when driven enthusiastically. One thing that city users will not like is the suspension setup. It is definitely on the firmer side and in spite of driving the car with 3 on board, jerks from undulations were easily filtering into the cabin and it did become slightly uncomfortable for the rear passenger. On the good side, this setup works brilliantly at high speeds. The Brezza feels stable and composed, and the same works in favour when going off the road. This little SUV can be thrown around the dirt and you will have ample grinning moments. The ground clearance also comes handy!

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last but not the least - the visibility part. You sit high, and this combined with a low front fascia and bonnet means that even short drivers have no issues driving this compact SUV. Even the A pillar is not too thick and does not create a blind spot, something that is an issue with the EcoSport.

Maruti has added adequate safety arrangement on the Brezza. The driver-side airbag is standard across all the variants, while the LDi option, VDi option and both the ZDi variants get the co-driver-side airbags. The same variants also get ABS with EBD. The Brezza also gets rear parking camera in the VDi and above variants.


The Brezza is a commendable product so much so that it maked Ford slash the price of the diesel EcoSport by over a lakh. It is now priced just 29,000 over the Brezza but offers a bigger diesel engine, better NHV levels and slightly richer cabin.

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But the Brezza offers the perfect answer for the big question that young Indian families have been asking us - they do not want a hatchback and cannot afford a big SUV. For them then, the Brezza ticks all the right boxes and fit the bill perfectly well. The engine can be a bit of a bother when you want to go fast and the ride is firm, but that's about it. The Brezza has arrived and how!

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Interiors of Vitara Brezza:

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