Maruti Kizashi versus Volkswagen Passat

  • Oct 30, 2011

Maruti Suzuki brought its first sports sedan Kizashi and launched it in the Indian market and it was very well received by the segment and given its heritage it found many buyers as well. Comparing the Kizashi with another car isn’t very easy but today we have the excellent Volkswagen Passat to compare against. VW Passat is one of the finest premium sports sedans in the market today and it brings a fine blend of German exquisite engineering and build quality and luxury that is often restricted to European cars. Find out all about how they fare against each other.

Looks and design:


Maruti Suzuki Kizashi has sporty looks and brings the latest in contemporary design and has an aggressive looking front thanks to its jewel like twin headlamps and mesh grille which sports the Suzuki badge that looks fantastic and adds to the sporty nature of the car. It has fog lamps are in a rectangular cluster integrated into the bumpers. The long wheelbase adds to the style statement and the car looks fantastic from the side profile as well. It has a well proportioned design that looks good and the car has two exhaust pipes which lends it the sport look from the back which the rear spoiler on the boot hatch takes it up a notch. Overall the build quality is very good and the car has excellent paintjob, fit and finish.


Volkswagen Passat is a great looking premium sedan and brings contemporary styling and classy looks to the segment and brings the expensive feel of premium luxury as you first glance upon the car. It exudes of German engineering and high level of build quality and feels first class and solid. It has large headlamps and very big chromed front grille with the VW badge on it. It has a long wheelbase and sporty looking alloy wheel which adds to the character of the car. It is very pleasing to look at and has a well rounded design which looks great from front to the back. VW Passat brings excellent German build quality while the paintjob, fit and finish is almost an industry benchmark.

Looks overall – Maruti Kizashi7.5/10
Looks overall – Volkswagen Passat

Interiors – design, space and features:


Kizashi is the newest sports sedan from Maruti and it exudes quality inside and out. It has premium look and feel inside and brings one of the stunning interiors in its segment. It has a very roomy and comfortable cabin area which has advanced features such as music system with 7 speakers and CD/MP3/USB and Bluetooth compatibilities. It has smart-key keyless entry system and start system which automatically unlocks the door and is capable of starting engine without keys. There is plenty of cabin space in the sedan and it brings ample leg room and head room for its passengers with the front seats being the most comfortable ones. Kizashi has plenty of storage areas inside for your knick knacks and will easily carry your entire travel luggage in its cavernous 461 liters of boot space.


Volkswagen Passat has very classy looking interiors which give a taste of luxury and feel premium which is somewhat typical of German built cars these days. Passat has a grey dashboard with wooden trim and sporty looking instrument panel featuring the speedometer, MID and other monitors. It has comfortable seats with arm rests and seats come standard with leather upholstery and they do a great job with providing a comfortable driving experience thanks to the excellent lumbar and under thigh support. It has a 12 speaker and 6 CD changer and MP3 supported music system with the Aux port in the glove box. It has ample storage area and the glove box has a cooling function to it. VW Passat brings plenty of storage space inside the car while the main boot has a cavernous 560 liter of boot space to carry your luggage.

Interiors overall – Maruti Kizashi –8/10
Interiors overall – Volkswagen Passat

Engine – performance, power, torque, fuel economy, smoothness:


Maruti Suzuki Kizashi brings a powerful petrol engine to India and it’s the same mill that is being used in the Kizashi in Japan and US. It is a a powerful 2.4 liter four cylinder 16 valve DOHC engine which produces a maximum power of 175 BHP at 6500 RPM and a maximum torque of 230 NM at 4000 RPM. This engine gives the Kizashi ultimate performance and gives it loads of power to pull away from standstill against its competing rivals. This engine is also quite fuel efficient and manages to keep the running costs on the lower end by delivering a maximum fuel economy of 12.53 kmpl as rated by ARAI. This powerful engine is mated to a 6 speed transmission which provides excellent drivability to the car through its front wheel drive system or its options all wheel drive system.


Volkswagen Passat is available in the petrol variant and sports a new 1.8 liter 4 cylinder petrol engine which makes a maximum 157 BHP and 250 NM of maximum torque. This kind of horsepower ensures that there is plenty of performance across the rev range and that gives it excellent drivability. It also brings plenty of low end torque to give its modern rivals a run for its run for its money. It has been rated by ARAI to deliver a maximum fuel efficiency of 14.3 kmpl and that makes it a very fuel efficient diesel sedan in the market today. The car brings a light clutch which is easy to operate hence wont straing your leg if you get stuck with it.

Engine overall – Maruti Kizashi8/10
Engine overall – Volkswagen Passat7.5/10

Suspension – Ride, comfort and handling:


Maruti Kizashi is an excellent performer that comes with excellent handling capabilities which is highly desired in vehicle such as itself. Kizashi is also packed to the brim with features which enhance safety and improve stability of the car such as the traction control system, i-VSP intelligent vehicle stability program that is offered on the AWD models only, ABS with EBD and brake assist functions allows for complete control over the sedan’s handling everywhere. Kizashi has a well tuned high quality suspension unit which ensures that the car glides over speed breakers and pot holes and ensures a very comfortable drive to its passengers everywhere and around curves offers complete stability every time. volkswagen-passat-2

Volkswagen Passat is a sedan that behaves like a mature and expensive sports sedan thanks to its excellent and unique combination of engine and handling characteristics. Passat has a very finely tuned suspension given the road conditions in India it has a slightly firm tune but still retain a high level of comfort to absorb all the bad road conditions and potholes. Passat manages to offer plush ride quality and maintains a high level of high speed stability and in city nimble driving capabilities. These are some of the unique characteristic which make Passat an excellent purchase and set it apart from its rivals. It comes with the ABS + EBD with ESP and which makes sure that the car has optimum braking and traction under emergency braking situations.

Suspension overall – Maruti Kizashi – 8/10
Suspension overall – Volkswagen Passat – 8/10

Value for money – sticker price, standard features:

Maruti Suzuki Kizashi is available in two different trim levels but brings loads of features for its price. It makes it very good value for money because it comes from the house of Maruti which is the largest car manufacturer in India and also the largest after sales back provider in the car market. These credentials attribute towards a peaceful owernship experience that is sometimes only possible with Maruti. Maruti Kizashi has been priced from (ex-showroom Delhi) 16.50 lakhs for the base variant Maruti Kizashi MT and the top variant has been priced at 17.50 lakhs for the Maruti Kizashi CVT and that is very good pricing for the both cars considering all that they bring for the money being spent on it.

Volkswagen Passat 1.8 TSI MT Petrol variant has been priced from 19.20 lakhs while the diesel variants price (ex-showroom) starts with Volkswagen Passat Diesel Comfortline 2.0 TDI starting with 23.80 and 25.65 lakhs for the top variant in diesel Volkswagen Passat Highline 2.0 TDI which brings all the latest features and ultra modern technology at an excellent value, it brings you luxury that is often seen only in higher segment luxury cars. If you are okay with an emerging dealer network of VW and unknown long term ownership costs you could still go for the VW Passat. The petrol variant is on par with its competitors in the market and it very good value for money.

Value for money overall – Maruti Kizashi – 7.5/10
Value for money overall – Volkswagen Passat –8/10


Maruti Kizashi is fun to drive sports sedan which brings a balance of contemporary styling, ultra modern features and good build quality considering it is from Maruti and performance with very good fuel efficiency as well. Going up against a German car isn’t easy but Maruti seems to be doing that just fine. However the VW Passat is a fantastic car from one of the largest passenger car manufacturers in the world. It brings German engineering, supreme build quality and sheer luxury and has been very well priced and that makes it good value for your money. We’d like to say that choosing the right car for you isn’t as difficult as comparing two extremely good cars but we sincerely hope that you were able decide on the car of your choice after finding all the info about these two amazing cars.

Maruti Kizashi Volkswagen Passat
Car version MT CVT Comfortline DSG Highline DSG
Ex-showroom price 1650000 1750000 2380000 2565000 NA
Length 4650 4650 4769 4769 NA
Width 1820 1820 1820 1820 NA
Height 1490 1490 1472 1470 NA
Wheelbase 2700 2700 2711 2711 NA
Boot space 461 461 485 485 NA
Kerb Weight 1460 1500 1555 1605 NA
Turning radius 5.5 5.5 5.35 m 5.35 m NA
Tank capacity 63 63 70 70 NA
Clearance NA 1565 NA 150 NA
Displacement 2393 2393 1968 1968 NA
Max. Power 178PS @6500rpm 178PS @6500rpm 170PS @4200rpm 170PS @4200rpm NA
Max. Torque 230Nm @4000rpm 230Nm @4000rpm 350Nm @1750rpm 350Nm @1750rpm NA
Fuel economy 12.45 12.53 18.33 18.33 NA
Cylinders 4 4 4 4 NA
Type Manual Automatic Manual Automatic NA
Speeds 6 NA 6 6 NA
Tyre 215 / 55 R17 215 / 55 R17 215/55 R16 215/55 R16 NA
Front McPherson Strut McPherson Strut McPherson spring strut front axle McPherson spring strut front axle NA
Rear Multi link Multi link 4-link rear axle 4-link rear axle NA

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