Innovative in-car accessories

Published On October 17, 2008 By at Gaadi

Now you don’t have to worry about the DVD/CD’s for installing new maps because Pioneer has provided the entire map database on flash memory. The F90BT comes equipped with 3D mapping which shows major landmarks, buildings, airports, etc. The smart voice recognition software developed by VoiceBox is able to understand conversational directions for making phone calls and selecting audio playback options. For Rs 51,500, the illumination colours of the device can be changed according to your cars interior or as per your taste.

Alpine eX-10

The eX-10 with a 2.4inch wide screen display is Alpine’s mini device for your iPod with Bluetooth connectivity. For powering the unit, simply plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter dock. Connect your iPod and scroll through the playlists and see the artist and song details on the screen. With Bluetooth integration, it lets you sync your cell phone and talk on the go. It can also retrieve dialed numbers and missed calls and lets you play music stored in your cell phone. The price for the eX-10 is Rs 9,800

Clarion MAP680 and 780

These two navigation devices from Clarion are the first ever units to display buildings, landmarks and elevations in 3D in addition to showing lanes and highlighting the route needed to be taken. It provides continuous traffic updates via a TMC tuner and features Bluetooth with hands-free, phone book transfer, text message function, audio streaming and a picture viewer. The SD/MMC card slot allows you to use either of the cards filled with your favourite music or video files with support for AVI, WMV, 3GP and MP4. Its price ranges from Rs 19,000 to 22,500 available for UK (map 680) and Europe (map 780)

Alpine IVA-W205

Featuring a 6.5inch screen, the IVA-W205 is a double din multimedia solution which will keep you entertained. The unit’s touch screen responds exactly the same as buttons react when pressed or tapped. It includes a direct iPod connection, built-in Bluetooth and is satellite radio ready enabling you to listen to your favourite radio stations. With support for USB devices, you can now just plug and play with additional support for DVD/CD/WMA/MP3 file formats. It is available for Rs 42,000

Clarion FB289RBT

This futuristic unit from Clarion gets rid of those discs lurking all around your car. It comprises of a SD card slot and has Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Now you can load up all the music you want on to a SD card or connect your cell phone, a Bluetooth enabled music device and PDA with the player and play music through the car’s audio system. Not to forget FM radio too. The buttons are stacked like a shark’s gill opening with a rotary volume control dominating the mirror finished centre of the unit. With 728 variable colour illuminations, the FB289RBT is priced around Rs 11,000 in the UK.

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