Hyundai Eon versus Chevrolet Spark

  • Oct 26, 2011

Hyundai launched their newest entrant in the small car segment the Hyundai Eon. Hyundai is creating waves in the market owing to its value for money budget car and all the features it comes with. Hyundai has made sure that the long wait by their loyal customers doesn’t go wasted and they have tried their best to come out with a solid product. Today we compare the latest hot new hatch Hyundai Eon with Chevrolet Spark which since its launch has sold more than 1.2 lakh units. Spark has been the game changer for Chevrolet India and has ever since become a successful car for Chevy India.

Looks and design:

Hyundai Eon brings contemporary design elements into the segment and being the most modern entrant in the compact budget car market segment it is setting standards for styling. Hyundai has left no stone unturned to ensure they deliver the best to their potential buyers and make it difficult for its rivals to compete with it. Eon has big imposing headlamps and huge bumper with sporty and trapezoidal looking fog lamp housing and has a good road presence from the front and looks very pretty from the side profile. Hyundai has built this car with great care and has ensured optimum build quality is maintained while the fit and finish is very good.

Chevrolet Spark is a funky little hatch that helped Chevy India get out of the red zone and helped make it one of top ten car makers in India. Chevy Spark brings many similarities to the Daewoo Matiz and the styling cues such as the large round headlamps are reminiscent of the Daewoo. The Chevy Spark hatch features the large Chevy bow tie on its grille and body colored bumpers with integrated fog lamps. It has roof rails and black beadings on the door and wheel caps that give the car an overall sporty look. Chevy has done a fair job building this car and has ensured that the fit and finish is on par with the rest of the competition.

Looks overall – Hyundai Eon – 8/10
Looks overall – Chevrolet Spark – 7/10

Interiors – design, space and features:

Hyundai Eon brings plenty of features in the small compact car that it is. Eon has excellent interiors with quality fit and finish. Eon is very spacious and will easily seat four adults inside. There is plenty of leg room and head room for the passengers and the seats are very comfortable offering good support to the back. Eon also brings airbags to this segment. Hyundai Eon has a styling center console panel which features the trendy looking controls of the stereo CD/MP3 player with USB and Aux-in compatibilities and air conditioning. Eon’s instrumentation panel sports the usual MID and analog speedometer. The new Hyundai has plenty of storage space inside and a boot space of 215 liters.

Chevrolet Spark has a good amount of features for the price that Chevy has set for it in India. Spark comes loaded with a good level of kit and brings features such as center mounted stop lamp, door ajar warning display, central locking and optional ABS and driver side airbag. Spark brings basic amenities like the air conditioner with heater. The little hatchback from Chevy also has power steering, power windows and rear defogger and remote fuel filler release. Spark is quite spacious enough to seat 4 passengers inside and has comfortable seats. It also has space for storage and a sizeable boot for your small luggage.

Interiors overall – Hyundai Eon – 8/10
Interiors overall – Chevrolet Spark –

Engine – performance, power, torque, fuel economy, smoothness:

Hyundai Eon is a small car and brings you a 814cc 3 cylinder petrol engine which produces a maximum power of 56 BHP at 5500 RPM and a maximum torque of 76 NM at 4000 RPM and has been mated to a 5 speed gearbox. It offers excellent drivability owing to the ample low end torque available which makes it easy to drive in the city and fun on the highway. Hyundai Eon has ample power and the engine has been derived from the Santro. It offers excellent fuel efficiency and ARAI has rated this little hatch to deliver a maximum fuel efficiency of 21.1 kmpl. Eon’s 3 cylinder engine is quite smooth and the vibrations are well controlled.

Chevrolet Spark comes equipped with a 1.0 liter, 995cc, S-Tec petrol engine with a five speed manual gearbox which develops a decent power of 63 BHP at 5400 RPM and 90.3 NM of torque at 4200 RPM. Spark has been certified by ARAI to deliver very good economy of 18 kmpl. The engine packs enough punch to take all four passengers without breaking a sweat in city and on highways. It also meets all the latest emissions norms as set by authorities in India. Spark has an engine which produces low NVH levels making it a comfortable journey for everyone in the car.

Engine overall – Hyundai Eon – 7.5/10
Engine overall – Chevrolet Spark –

Suspension – Ride, comfort and handling:

Hyundai Eon has a finely tuned suspension which does a superb job of taking care of the handling under all usual road conditions. It has comfortable suspension setup which lets the car glide over bad roads and bumpy surfaces without hindering comfort levels of the passengers inside. It offers fantastic ride quality and despite its low weight doesn’t bounce around very much. Hyundai has built the car such that it offers a quiet and low NVH levels inside and maintains comfort for everyone inside. Hyundai Eon is an easy to drive car for new drivers and offers excellent brakes to slow it down from high speeds.

Chevrolet Spark has decent handling qualities that are on par if not better than its competitors. It comes shod with 155/70 R13 tyres which give it very good stability while driving in the city and adequate stability on the highway. Spark is comfortable for city drives and offers very good ride quality which feels well cushioned when negotiating bad roads and tight curves. Spark brings optional Anti-Lock Braking System to further aid braking capabilities and it has small turning radius making it very easy to maneuver in the city and heavy traffic conditions.

Suspension overall – Hyundai Eon – 7.5/10
Suspension overall – Chevrolet Spark – 7/10

Value for money – sticker price, standard features:

Hyundai has excellent products in its stable and with the Eon it is expanding its reach in the small budget car segments and with the Eon it has done a fantastic job at delivering to car buyers all that they were looking for. Eon starts with the price (ex-showroom Delhi) of 2.73 lakhs for the base variant Hyundai Eon D Lite, 3.16 lakhs for Hyundai Eon Era, Hyundai Eon Magna has been priced at 3.41 lakhs while the top end Hyundai Eon Sportz has been priced at 3.76 lakhs making every variant of the Hyundai extremely good value for money.

Chevrolet Spark is very good car in its segment and has been priced (ex-showroom Delhi) from 3.05 lakhs for the base model Chevy Spark E, the middle variant has been priced at 3.36 lakhs for the Chevy Spark PS and 3.59 lakhs for the Chevy Spark LS and the top variant Chevy Spark LT is priced 3.81 lakhs and with airbags the Chevy Spark LT Option Pack w/Airbags is priced 4.31lakhs. Chevrolet has taken its job in India seriously and has been constant revamping its activities and providing a much better ownership experience to its customers.

Value for money overall – Hyundai Eon – 8/10
Value for money overall – Chevrolet Spark – 7/10


Hyundai Eon is one of the best little hatchback cars in the market today also one of the most fuel efficient budget cars in the market. It has set benchmarks for quality and engineering and thanks to Hyundai’s wide service network it makes owning a Hyundai Eon a nearly trouble free experience. Chevrolet’s Spark is also a very good car that has tried hard to create a market for itself and succeeded thanks to Chevy India’s consistent efforts in giving the best to the market and Spark brings a lot of features and goodies with it and is a very good car to buy. However the Eon is new and offers world class features and qualities often seen in cars from a higher segment and there it makes a lot of sense to go with the Hyundai as well.

Hyundai Eon Chevrolet Spark
Car version Era D-Lite Magna Sportz 1.0 1.0 LS 1.0 LT Option Pack 1.0 PS
Ex-showroom price 311869 269999 336869 371869 327420 361915 435861 340743
Length 3495 3495 3495 3495 3495 3495 3495 3495
Width 1550 1550 1550 1550 1495 1495 1495 1495
Height 1500 1500 1500 1500 1518 1518 1518 1518
Wheelbase 2380 2380 2380 2380 2345 2345 2345 2345
Boot space 215 215 215 215 170 170 170 170
Kerb Weight NA NA NA NA 840 840 840 840
Turning radius NA NA NA NA 4.6 m 4.6 m 4.6 m 4.6 m
Tank capacity 32 32 32 32 35 35 35 35
Clearance 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170
Displacement 814 814 814 814 995 995 995 995
Max. Power 56PS@5500 56PS@5500 56PS@5500 56PS@5500 63PS @5400rpm 63PS @5400rpm 63PS @5400rpm 63PS @5400rpm
Max. Torque 76@4000 76@4000 76@4000 76@4000 90Nm @4200rpm 90Nm @4200rpm 90Nm @4200rpm 90Nm @4200rpm
Fuel economy 21.1 21.1 21.1 21.1 NA 18 NA 18
Cylinders 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4
Type Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual
Speeds 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Tyre NA Tubeless NA Tubeless 155/70 R13 155/70 R13 155/70 R13 Tubeless 155/70 R13
Front MacPherson Strut with coil McPherson type with anti-roll bar MacPherson Strut with coil McPherson type with anti-roll bar McPherson Struts with Anti-roll bar McPherson Struts with Anti-roll bar McPherson Struts with Anti-roll bar McPherson Struts with Anti-roll bar
Rear NA Torsion Beam Torsion Beam Torsion Beam Torsion Beam axle Torsion Beam axle Torsion Beam axle Torsion Beam axle

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