Fiat Avventura: Road test review, pictures, price

  • Feb 13, 2015
Bigger, bolder and muscular. That is where the mindset of Indian customers seems to be going lately. There is a whole new breed of vehicles that have been swarming the urban roads nowadays and in general terms, we call them Crossovers. The premium hatchback and mid-size sedan buyers are now drifting towards this new segment which gives higher ground clearance (well, only in few cases or rather only in one case) and a rugged body which certainly is more Indian road ready. Fiat Avventura Front Right Quarter DynamicMany manufacturers already have their products fighting in this newly spaced segment but the one that has caught our eye is the Avventura. What is different in the Avventura than all other hatchback based cross-overs in the market? Well, Fiat has done more than just a body-cladding job in the Avventura, they have raised the ground clearance and they have made the Avventura a lot different from the Punto Evo - the car on which it is based. The Fiat Avventura sits higher than its hatchback cousin, it has more equipment on the inside, and Fiat has strategically placed the spare wheel on the luggage boot lid of the car to add more aesthetics to the crossover in a rather complicated and sophisticated way at the same time - we will discuss the same in more detail in the lower part of the review.Fiat Avventura Rear Right Quarter

The Looks:

The Fiat Avventura looks bulky, it has a huge face, and the roof rails along with new alloys, black plastic cladding around the car and of course, the brilliant placement of spare tyre adds to the visual aspects of the car. The car continues to look the same from everywhere else, Fiat uses the same headlamps, same tail-lamps and same parts from the Punto Evo. These smart things that Fiat has done make the Avventura very different in the segment and helps it grab a lot more attention than the Fiat Punto Evo. On the inside, Fiat has added a compass, an inclination meter and a body-roll meter to add some fun aspect when you decide to take the front wheel driven car to testing situation but apart from the compass, the other two dials do not show much activity on them if when the car seems to be doing its maximum limit of inclination of body-roll angle.Fiat Avventura Front Left We got the top-end diesel variant - 1.3 Emotion which is the fully loaded version of the Avventura. It comes with front and rear fog lamps, rear defogger and wiper on the outside. On the inside, Fiat loads the equipment list with a 2-DIN music system that can be sourced by an Auxiliary input, USB, radio or Bluetooth device. The steering wheel is nice to hold and has buttons to control the music system and answer calls. The music system is powered by Microsoft BlueMe

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technology and takes its sweet time when you try to connect your phone for the first time through the Bluetooth, especially at a time when there is no manual in the car. Fiat also puts Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Braking Distribution (EBD) along with two front air-bags with early crash detection in the top end Emotion variant. Please note that the petrol engine misses out on the Emotion variant and hence, misses out on these important features.Fiat Avventura Left Profile The seats are big but are not very comfortable for long journeys, Fiat made them in a way that you would not get comfortable in them and would not fall asleep, a safety feature indeed. On a serious note, it does take time to get used to the textile covered hard seats of the Avventura. There is decent space on the rear but far less than the Etios Cross and the upcoming Hyundai i20 Cross. That said, it gets a rear AC vent, a segment first feature.

The Mechanics:

Everything remains exactly the same as the Fiat Punto Evo in terms of engines. Fiat offers one 1.4-litre FIRE petrol unit and the renowned 1.3-litre Multijet diesel unit. The petrol engine makes a maximum of 90PS at 6,000 rpm and 115 Nm of maximum torque at 4,500 rpm. We got the tried and tested diesel powered Avventura with maximum power of 93 PS at 4,000 rpm and 209 Nm of maximum torque at 2,000 rpm. The engine gets mated with a 5-speed transmission, which is not the smoothest of the lot. Further, first gear of the gearbox is also very short, maybe Fiat thought that it will be able to help the car to get out of sticky situations and in start-stop city traffic, but the position of the foot-rest interferes with the clutch working and you have to put a lot of energy to engage the clutch. The steering is heavy too, it takes a lot of effort to move the car around in slow speed. The car feels sturdy but it does not makes you feel very comfortable.Fiat Avventura Front Dynamic Fiat has worked on the suspensions a lot, the car has minimal body-roll and can take on corners at good speed. The car feels very planted and gives you confidence on the road.


Fiat has done something unusual with the Avventura and the exterior wheel mount seems to be a instant idea instead of a well-thought one. The spare wheel is mounted on a bracket which has hinge on the one end and the boot-lid is the regular one opening upwards. The car need a lot of space on the rear if you want to access the boot because of the spare wheel. Fiat also misses out of rear camera or proximity sensors on the rear. With a wheel hanging out of the car on the rear, it takes a while to under stand how much space you should leave at the rear.

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On the inside, Fiat misses out of bottle holders, if you are going a long-trip, you will have to keep bottles in the seat pocket. There is only one cup holder and it is positioned very awkwardly in the front of the gear-lever. Whenever you put lever the in odd-number gears and have a travel mug in place , either you have to be really careful else, your fingers will be squeezed! Fiat provides electronically adjustable outside mirrors but they cannot be electronically folded. The driver seat can be adjusted for height and the tilt of the steering column can adjusted too.

Should you buy one?

Well, if you want a crossover that looks extremely different from the hatchbacks and offers unique equipment like compass, incline meter and the body-roll meter, you should definitely go for it. The car fails on practicality terms. Imagine going to a mall where the security wants to check your luggage boot, and it is so complicated that you have to step down of the car and provide assistance for the process, it will eventually get little hectic, don't you think so?

Plus, there is no tow-hook at the rear, if the car gets stuck somewhere, you will have to do many permutations and combinations to take it out. We experienced it and it was not a very happy situation.Fiat Avventura Front Right Quarter Lakeside Even if you decide to avoid all the impracticality of the Avventura and buy one, you should go for the diesel one, longer equipment list helps of course. The top of the line 1.3-Dynamic diesel carries a price tag of Rs. 8.49 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) while the car starts with a price tag of Rs. 6.44 lakh for the Active petrol model.

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