Datsun GO first look review

  • Jul 19, 2013
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It is not everyday that a new brand is unveiled in India but exactly that happened when Datsun brand was re-launched with Carlos Ghosn (CEO- Renault-Nissan worldwide) unveiling it. Datsun is a brand which will be making affordable small cars which is why Nissan chose a different brand instead of just launching cars under the Nissan name. This approach could be a clever one but something that also has potential hurdles.

To create a brand name in India is not easy and when some one buys his/her first car it will be always a trusted brand, case in point the Maruti Alto and 800. The reason why the Alto and Hyundai Santro have become so successful is that both Hyundai and Maruti have tremendous brand loyalty and brand reach.

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Plus having a huge service network helps. Thus to compete with these biggies Datsun has to go the other way wooing car-buyers with value and style. With the new Datsun GO it seems cars like the Hyundai Eon and Maruti Alto 800 have met a very tough rival. Datsun has made a car which looks premium and has that feel-good factor which will instantly appeal to customers. To put shortly it looks like a car that belongs to a bigger class.

First up the good news, Datsun says that it will start at below Rs 4 lakhs which means some where around Rs 3.5-3.75 lakhs which is very competitive. The bad news is that you have to wait a bit as the GO will be in dealerships next year after its Auto Expo 2014 launch. So there is some time away but we at have had a close look at this new small car so here is what we think of the Datsun GO.

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The GO is a five-door, front-wheel drive hatchback that will come with a 1.2 liter engine along with a five-speed manual transmission. Styling wise the new Datsun GO has a distinct European flavour to the design and looks quite clean. The lines are handsome and it is not overly futuristic or having an excess of design details. The new distinct Datsun grille with the chrome outlining and sharp headlamps looks good.

While it is a budget small car it does not look like it with the lines on the bonnet and the muscular sides. As said, the design is simple but extremely well executed. When it comes to the name it is inspired by the first Datsun, the DAT-GO, launched almost a century ago in Japan. The stats include (width – 1635mm; height – 1485mm; length– 3785mm) which means that it is compact but not overly so and overall it looks like a car which belongs to a segment above. Something that will surely go down well with the car-buyers.

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Step inside and it feels airy and spacious. The talking point is the bench like front seats which is a debatable issue but it makes the GO a 6-seater which is something that again will appeal to many. What you will also notice is the gear lever mounted on the centre console which has been done to save space for the front bench. At the rear space is good and headroom , legroom is decent. From the pictures you can also see that interior looks are well designed and will be well equipped.

You can also see the Mobile Docking Station to connect with their smartphones. The quality and fit and finish seems good though some cost saving bits are pretty clearly seen but coupled with excellent levels of space it means that the Datsun GO will be a nightmare for its rivals.

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As said earlier the GO will come with a 1.2 liter engine along with a five-speed manual transmission. Efficiency is very important and the GO will be very efficient competing aggressively with the Alto 800 in this regard. There are no official figures released which will be reserved for the launch of the car. The engine has been tuned for Indian conditions thus we expect it to be peppy and light on your wallet.

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There is quite a lot to like about the Datsun GO and if you are in the market for a small car we think waiting for the GO is not a bad decision  as this one has everything that a small car buyer needs plus having good looks. It will also no doubt be efficient and will be priced well. As said earlier it will be launched next year and along with India the GO will also be sold in markets like Indonesia and Russia in 2014 and will be introduced in South Africa later this year. The small car war is heating up and the newest contender seems to be in a mood to snatch away the crown!





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