Car accessories from Mercedes

Published On October 30, 2008 By at Gaadi


Races are most enjoyable on a sunny day. To protect the enthusiast�s eyes from the hot sun, the blokes at Mercedes-Benz have introduced a new pair of sunglasses for 2008. The shades feature injection-moulded frames in metallic anthracite. The dark tinted lenses offer 100 percent ultraviolet protection and a dazzle-free view for maximum comfort while shielding against harmful sunrays.

Sports and Travel Bag

For enthusiasts who love going on short weekend trips, Mercedes-Benz brings out their sports and travel bag. Boasting an eye-catching print showing various motifs of motorsport like tyres, cars, flags and even Mercedes-Benz sports cars, this bag is designed to appeal to a true motorsport enthusiast. The package also features a removable accessory bag and a wallet with a belt strap.

Scale Models

For Formula 1 and automobile enthusiasts alike, Mercedes-Benz has released new scale models for 2008. Available in 1:43 and 1:18 scale is Lewis Hamilton�s MP4/22 livery which the Brit raced last season. Other scale models on offer include the sporty C63 AMG and the CLK DTM AMG. Manufactured using die-cast alloys and plastic, the manufacturer has paid close attention to replicating the maximum possible detail.

SLR 722 Collection

Rolling back to the Mille Migilia race of 1955, where racing legend Stirling Moss won an unforgettable victory in a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR, reminds one of the famous number 722. The number stands for the starting time of 7:22 for Moss� car. Paying homage to that legendary number was the McLaren-Mercedes SLR 722 Edition. Fans of this great supercar can now adorn themselves in the SLR driver�s jacket which dons the �722� number in flaming red on the shoulder. Also available are the driver�s polo shirt and driver�s cap is a similar theme, completing the outfit.

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Collection

Formula 1 fans have more branded apparel coming their way. Mercedes-Benz has also introduced the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Collection for kids and fathers alike. The long sleeve tee-shirt has original logos of the current sponsor printed on it. Available in sizes ranging from S-XL for kids and up to XXL for men, these shirts are a great combination for some father-son bonding over race weekends.

Men�s Chrono Motorsports Watch

For Formula-1 enthusiasts who never want to miss an F1 start, Mercedes-Benz has made available an exclusive Men�s Chrono motorsports watch. It features metal inserts and red letters on the metallic black faceplate. Red and black being emblematic motorsport colours, makes this watch a stylish accessory. Only 1000 examples of these exquisite timepieces are slated for production.