2016 Range Rover Evoque: The elegance redefined in a dirty way!

  • Dec 31, 2015
I looked straight in her eyes and whispered, “Let’s get dirty!”. The elegant lady, draped in white, did not blink for a second. Her eyes gleamed with a new shine and it was a happily ever after story that only became stronger with time. She’s like the lady in high heels and white gown who would not mind jumping around in rain just for fun. And in the process, she will look as elegant as ever, a little more than the cleaner version for sure. No other car in the segment can be so graceful and dirty at the same time. It is an art that has to be mastered and it is the art that the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque has mastered and that too, in the most tasteful way you can ever think of.

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The Range Rover with “Evoque” suffix turns out to be the most beautiful Land Rover ever made in this mortal world. The Evoque is the “Jack of all trades”, it looks ingenious, drives ferocious and has a list of features that will give your “i-am-so-classy” soul a wet dream. Yes, it is that good!

The Range Rover Evoque was launched in 2011 and the car was so well designed that only minimalistic changes have been applied to the car till now. The Evoque became an instant hit and sits on the top position on the Land Rover sales chart since its launch. And it manages to outsells its German competitors with ease. If you have the money, go buy one right now, you need not read further. If your bank balance is not enough, knowing more about Evoque will certainly motivate you enough to earn and get one in your garage soon.

This is not an engineering marvel but you would never get exasperated by looking at the Evoque. For us, she was much like the painting hung on a wall of museum and admired by hundreds for a million seconds and more for unknown reasons.


The Range Rover Evoque engineers must have been directed about how Evoque should be modern and break free of Land Rover’s traditional design, yet keeping the character of Land Rover vehicles. The Evoque has been designed by passionate designers, and it is the car on which the modern Land Rover designs are based. The new updated Evoque comes with new Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs), which are less eye catching than the previous generation Evoque but they are shaped more like the rest of the family now. The front lower bumper has also been redesigned and the LED fog lamps are in new shape and position too. The base version of the Evoque features the old-school two-slat design while the higher versions come with elegant honeycomb, which are difficult to clean, but you would not clean it yourself if you own an Evoque, would you? Right, I thought so too.

[caption id="attachment_19121" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Range Rover Evoque front three quarter Range Rover Evoque front three quarter[/caption]

The Evoque is in a league of 4X4 SUVs which do not look intimidating. It is not aggressive, rather it will give you a soothing look that will intrigue you to look at it for a longer time, and then will not beg you for a second look, but you will not miss a chance to get a glimpse of this elegance of wheels. Now let me tell you about a study before we move further….well, a study says that most accidents happen when men get distracted by ladies with long legs walking around, you can safely add Evoque to that group of “distractions”.

[caption id="attachment_19124" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Range Rover Evoque rear three quarter Range Rover Evoque rear three quarter[/caption]

The Evoque walks on newly sculpted 7-Spoke, 18-inch alloy wheels, they are finished in silver and do look as mesmerizing as they look when they start to rotate on their axis. They do have a hallucinogenic effect on you! We would have loved black wheels on it, given the fact that the Evoque has so much of piano black paint on the exterior.

[caption id="attachment_19126" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Range Rover Evoque side Range Rover Evoque side[/caption]

The 2016 Evoque also gets new LED lamps at rear. The beautifully sculpted lamps will entice everyone with ability to look for attention to detail to stop and notice the art. There is a new spoiler, new roof antenna fin and a new 3G antenna. There is only a single exhaust on the rear but it will be safe to say that the designers did want to overdo the Evoque and they succeeded in the same.

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With ambient lights that can changed by you to suit your mood and 17-speaker system by Meridian, the Range Rover Evoque is nothing less than a sophisticated DJ floor on wheels. Land Rover has not tweaked the cabin much, it remains almost the same as designed by Miss Victoria Beckham! There are new leather seats which have dual colours of black and beige and the same colour treatment continues to the doors too. The Evoque is all about elegance and everything in the interior sings in the same lines. The floating centre console with perfect dials and buttons lead to a touch-sensitive 8-inch screen. The high-resolution console is so easy to operate that a child from modern age will be able to operate it smoothly without touching the manuals. To be honest, the first ever call I made from a car’s infotainment system is from the Evoque. The screen also allows you to change the colour of the ambient lights and also let’s you play with the vehicle settings that toggle between Dynamic, Comfort, Automatic and Individual.

[caption id="attachment_19137" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Range Rover Evoque dashboard Range Rover Evoque dashboard[/caption]

The Evoque’s driver information display is controlled by a high-tech computer that will show you anything that you will ever need while driving - previous patterns of driving, current throttle position, fuel efficiency, average speed, and few more helpful things that you would not think of using unless and until you hit on them by accident. The driving pattern mode also shows you how efficient and smooth the driver was during the previous trips - this including hard accelerartion and braking!

[caption id="attachment_19135" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Range Rover Evoque driver console Range Rover Evoque driver console[/caption]

The Range Rover Evoque comes with a function called “Stealth Mode,” press that button and something happens very unexpectedly. Does the car go invisible? No it does not, but all the lights on the dashboard goes away except the speedometer console.

[caption id="attachment_19144" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Range Rover Evoque gear selector console Range Rover Evoque gear selector console[/caption]

There is just about ample space inside the Evoque - at the rear though the space is not as good as a full size sedan. Nothing to boast about here. The front seats are electrically controlled but they would not change temperature as per your need, they only get warm if you sit on them for quite a while. The driving position can be set with the memory function so that the steering wheel and seat positions itself almost immediately when you press the memory button of your choice. Sit and look up, you will see the sky has opened up! The Evoque has fixed panoramic sunroof which almost opens the roof completely. Driver seat is the best place to be if you are in Evoque, anywhere else will only increase your urge to be in the pilot’s position. Evoque has made its own class, and till now no one has matched the grandeur of the Evoque.

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Safety Net:

The Evoque is like a cocoon that will save you from most ill-fated situations. There are front airbags for driver and co-driver, curtain airbags for front and middle row windows, and knee airbag for the driver. The electronic aids include ABS, TCS, Roll Stability Control and Dynamic Stability Control. There is also Torque Vectoring that will keep you in line of control under heavy braking situations. The Evoque will take care that you are in control in most of the situations, and then will keep you safe if it does get out of control.


The new series of Ingenium engines are the most highlighted part of the new Range Rover Evoque, but shockingly, they do not come to India. The made in India Evoque is still powered by the old engine. Push the ignition and the beautiful gear selector emerges out of the dashboard in signature Land Rover Jaguar style and in a blink, the engine comes to life!

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The in-line four-cylinder engine of 2.2-litre displacement makes as much as 190 PS along with 420 Nm of maximum torque. The 9-speed ZF transmission is new and the setup also feels refined, but not fast enough. There is a good amount of lag in the normal mode, you aim for a gap, press the accelerator, look around and wait. By the time you head towards the gap, it disappears! The response is much better in the active mode but then your pocket will develop a leak big enough to make you switch back to the normal mode.

Also, the Evoque leaves no trail of its existence to the blinds, it is silent as a snail. You do feel all the movements happening below your feet, but you don’t hear it. It feels weird at times but it is a car with “Stealth Mode.” We would not want anyone to know if we want to sneak out at night, do we?

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The Evoque is exotic, so much so that you would not want to do anything rough with the lady, but then it will be like being equipped with a Formula1 car in a Go Kart race and you do not make use of the chance. Even though there is no low ratio gearbox, the Evoque does offer the trademark Land Rover Terrain System. The system allows you to go through sand, snow, mud and rut, and similar terrains. It is not same as driving a low ratio vehicle, but the Terrain System does hold to the revs when going in sand and the suspensions become hard, I did not get a chance to test it on the snow or mud though. I am sure that the acclaimed system will have few tricks up the sleeve for such situations too.

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The Evoque feels good to drive and returns good feedback from the steering. The gearshifts are not as fast, but they are good enough till the time you are not trying to overtake another vehicle from similar segment suddenly. Moreover, the average customer would not care to do so given the traffic conditions in India.


Evoque is beautiful, elegant and moderately powerful. You will find it little less potent when you try to do speed runs with the Evoque, but the car is not made to do such things. It is an art on wheels that you should admire and sometimes get dirty with. The Evoque starts at a price of Rs 46.1 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi, which is less than its competitor Audi Q5, while the top variant of both the models are similarly priced at around Rs 63 lakh.

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The Land Rover Evoque is not at all a bad choice for young CEOs who want to be highlighted on the road. The Evoque is stylish and yet elegant. It sure misses out on few points, but then no one is perfect. Feature-wise, the Range Rover Evoque is something that you would not want to miss if your bank account balance has enough zeros behind a positive number, and if you are like me, let’s just praise the people who have such a huge amount of money and make a choice to buy such artistic figures.

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