2015 Authentic Goa: An experience worth a life time of memories

  • Aug 16, 2015
Every year million of people around the world hop on different kinds of means of transportations destined towards Goa. A tourist place which is well known for its exotic locations, beaches and of course parties. But most tourists who reach Goa do not see what they really should, that is the off-the-maps locations. Goa seems very tiny on the Indian map but in reality, the state is full of undiscovered places, secluded konkan roads and what not! Who knew that Goa has an amazing rafting experience? Probably most of you did not know that.

Exploring the unexplored parts of Goa can be a cumbersome task, especially when you do not know the routes and the any kind of map is just as helpful as an ashtray on a motorcycle. And then, the public transport would not take you to such places, either you will have to hire unreliable modes of transport or get going on your own feet, which is not a bad idea but is very time consuming and energy consuming. Goa is full of life and places that are nowhere on the Internet and tour guides can be quite difficult to find and to a trip to Goa is never complete until and unless you have gone through these places! We did one such trip with Mahindra Adventure who organizes the “Authentic Goa” every year. The Mahindra Authentic Goa explores the places which are unheard and unseen in an unique way that surely gives you memories for life.

The name of Mahindra Adventure is equivalent to the fun unlimited. The Mahindra Adventure organizes exquisite experiences and escapes throughout the country and the “Authentic Goa” is a part of the same. It is usually held during the July-August season when rainy season hits Goa and it becomes the greenest.

The Authentic Goa experience is spread over 4 days, during which the Mahindra Adventure team makes sure that you get most of the Goa in a very authentic way, be it locations, food or thrill, you get it all!

Day 1-

On the day 1, you get to meet all the participants, a group of people with who will with you during the course of your expedition and you ought to get few friends for life. The session starts with name and profession of all the participants after which the group formally marks the start of good time with a loud shout of “Get Lost!” to each other.

Before that, the Authentic Goa experience also makes sure that we enjoy the most celebrated things about Goa and that includes beaches. To give the participants the true taste of beach, we stayed at a property with clean and private beach within walking distance. Even though the most part of the expedition, we will be out of our hotel, but a comfortable bed sure recharges your batteries for the next day’s adventure.VIRU_0160179

The first evening was spent amidst a group of strangers, who will become the best company during the course of next few days and the chaos of understanding the TSD rally that will take place the very next day. A good night sleep and quick strategic lines with the team boasted the morale for sure and ended the day in hopes of good times ahead.

Day 2-


With umbrellas in hands and rain jackets, we get out of the rooms to the restaurant for breakfast. The rules are regulations of a TSD rally is still hitting the walls of skeleton and bouncing like a basketball from NBA.

Quick breakfast, few welcome photographs of happy team and a quick salute to nation with national anthem got us inside our designated cars with huge car number clearly mentioned on them.VIRU_0160682

The TSD rally was flagged off and everyone got a booklet which will tell you the course in form of signs and that course has to be strictly followed according to the time and speed mentioned in the booklet. It really does not sounds very difficult, does it? But once you are thrown into it and you have not done it in your whole life, it becomes kind of not-so-fun! Nonetheless, keeping the spirits high and speed according to the limit mentioned on the booklet, we headed, or thought we are headed to the right direction. That meant keeping the speed painstakingly slow, but sure it does teach you a thing or two about patience.VIRU_0160705

Off we go, without a sight of where others are on the course that we thought is right. We met 12 checkpoints in between till the final checkpoint at a renowned temple marked the end of the rally. The speed during the whole rally was so slow and the was routed through so many interior never explored destinations of Goa, giving us ample time to click pictures in between and saw the real side of the Goan state.

The whole convoy headed for an authentic goan food experience afterwards and that too, in a majestic portuguese era restaurant. The authentic delicacies and then a grand trip to the palace which now has been converted into a hotel made us feel how rich the history of Goa has been. Even though tourists do not often loiter to these places, such places do tell unheard stories of Goa.VIRU_0160731

The long day finally came to an end after we reached back our camping site and talked about all the things that has happened through the day especially the TSD rally part.

Day 3:-

Goan weather can be as unpredictable as the batting line-up of the Indian team, it can become thunderous within few moments and at the same time, the bright side of the sun fights and settle things. In a similar situation, we left for another adventure and this time, to my wild dreams, it was a White Water Rafting session in Goa, how many of you knew that you can do rafting in Goa? Well, except few, most of tourists have not been to this part of Goa yet!

We drove across Goa in a well-formed convoy while keeping ourselves busy on the walkie-talkie as we played games and our wonderful host Mr. Ashwin Pandit quizzed us about Mahindra and Goa. The Goan scenery is best viewed when it is cloudy and drizzling, the greens come to life and you just love every bit of what you see.VIRU_0161562

We had a quick break where tea and light snacks were served after which we headed to the starting-point of the white water river rafting. The excitement was over the horizon and everyone seemed to be ecstatic about the rafting.

The rafting begin after a brief session of safety and how should the person act in an event of unplanned moment. Even though there are not many rapids during the course, but the way the organizers planned everything, it was way too much of fun than any other rafting course.

[gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="17579,17578,17580"]

A good an hour and half rafting session was followed by a hearty lunch with authentic dishes on the menu. The name of the place is called Earthen Pots and every utensil here is made up of clay. The unlimited Goan food came as a relief after all the energy consuming things we did during the rafting.

The lunch was followed by paying a visit to one of the oldest temples in India - The Mahadev Temple. The picturesque temple was built in 12th century is the kind of craftsmanship that can be seen is unheard of unseen of till date.

[gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="17584,17581,17583"]

On our journey back, we were welcomed by heavy rain, so heavy that visibility came down to almost zero. The heavy duty Mahindra vehicles that we were in surely helped our cause and we waded through the wet trails to reach hippie market from where we would buy attire for our hippie night. Searching through many local shops, we finally found something good for us and returned to the hotel for the hippie night!VIRU_0161862

Everyone turned out to be pretty prepared for the hippie night as the rain god continue to transfer water from that side of the shore to this side. The day came to an end with thoughts of off-road event that is scheduled to happen the next day.

Day 4:

The last day of the event and we were so excited to finally put the All-Wheel Drive systems to use. The off-roading site was located at a mining location which made the things pretty challenging for the first time off-roaders. But we did manage to get our share of fun and helped few vehicles out of the sticky muddy situations they were in. The rain aggravated the situation when we thought, we should take the safe exit out before it becomes too bad.

We left for hotel and on our way had good lunch with the whole group. The rain never stopped that day and the experience left a long lasting effect in our memories.VIRU_0158456

Nonetheless, we gathered again at night. It was the finale night of the adventure trip and everyone carried mixed emotions - happiness because of the what we have accomplished during past few days and sadness of leaving the group with who you spent so much of time.

[gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="17592,17591,17590,17589,17587,17586"]

The night started with the distributing trophies for the TSD rally and a parting speech after which we had crabs, a loads of them to celebrate the conclusion of the Authentic Goa!


Mahindra Adventure really takes care of things when any such rally take place. The experience they are carry comes very much into play. Small things like snack packets in our cars, water bottles, umbrellas and amazing smiling faces of the organizers really takes the experience to the next level. You sure have to be with the group once if you want to experience Goa the way you should!

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