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May be it does look a bit bizzare, the new Apache RTR. I might even go as far as saying that it looks like TVS has got itself a design straight out of science fiction; however, no matter how you look at it, it doesn't quite look pretty, so to speak. Sporty - yes, a little strange - yes, but beautiful? Not quite. But then, who says performance oriented machines are supposed to look beautiful. No one! Bikes like the RTR should look mean, potent and aggressive in order to complement what lies between the two wheels.img_0270 We did expect a lot more from TVS when we were shown the glitzy commercials, and when the pictures of what seemed like an awesome upgrade, were all over the internet. However, what we get here is just plain cosmetic upgrades with the engines being untouched but the former does change the way the Apache range looks. The cosmetic changes apply to both, the RTR 160 as well as it's bigger sibling, the RTR 180 (including the ABS version, but we are told the Efi is now discontinued). However, if you want to find out what the new changes look like on the RTR, read on. First up, there are the daytime running LED lights, which are placed side by side just above the headlight, which is also a first on any Indian motorcycle. The new bikini fairing does resemble the Pulsar in more ways than one, but has its own beauty nonetheless. Also new to the 2012 version of the Apache are the huge tank shrouds which look nice and give the machine a new feel, overall. Also, what we especially loved is the addition of carbon fibre (it's not the real deal, ofcourse!) trim which is applied in large numbers on the centre panel, the entire rear mudflap and on top of the tank, and on the instrument console too.img_0270 And once you start riding the machine, the looks become secondary; the moment you sit on the bike, you feel familiar. That familiar looking instrument console greets you with that awesome white tacho which is redlined at 9,000 RPM with the digital speedo, and various tell-tale lights. The seating position has been worked upon just a wee bit is what I felt, as it’s more comfortable now but without being boring. Sportiness remains and will be appreciated by those looking at riding an aggressive bike. It feels good to hold the new clip-on 'bar, and the relationship of the 'bars and the footpegs make the riding position more bearable for long trip while still being sporty, without being tiring.img_0270 The engine of this 2012 Apache is without a doubt punchy and it feels very eager to rev, and when given the stick, it responds beautifully. Personally, I can live with slight vibrations (which this mill has), as long as the whole package feels great and in this case, the throaty exhaust note comes as the icing on the cake. The digital instrumentation crosses the three figure mark pretty easily, and I am sure it'd do a top speed in excess of 115km/hr given enough stick and space. The design, the engine, and the ergonomics means nothing if the handling package is screwed. But, like we all know TVS Motor Company is the only 2-wheeler makers in the country today who have a factory racing team, and hence whatever is learnt there is ofcourse applied to the real world, on their street going motorcycles, and it shows. The machine handles beautifully; the rear suspension of the earlier Apache 160 was a bit on the firmer side, to be frank. This time, although the ride is super, I am sure the handling has not been compromised upon. The Apache 160 feels very agile and extremely easy to manoeuvre, whether in heavy, day-to-day traffic, or on the smooth flowing highways. As far as the fuel efficiency is concerned, I am told, it returns anywhere between 45-50km/ litre depending on the riding style and judging by my 3 day stint with it, I am pretty sure the claims are true. Although, I couldn't test the real world fuel effeciency figures, but I wouldn't really doubt the claims of TVS. Overall, riding this "updated" RTR 160 has been positive. It is a fun to ride motorcycle, no doubt, but if wishes were horses, we would have loved some more power in this upgrade. Nevertheless, it will smoke most 150-160cc bikes out there and in this shade of green and black, does look mighty appealing too. Additionally, the new design does freshen up the already familiar looks of the Apache 160. But, we motorcycle enthusiasts are surely hoping that TVS will spring up a surprise sometime in the near future. The RTR 160 in its new 'avatar' is priced at Rs.67,505/- (ex-showroom, Delhi) and is already in the showrooms. Spend a few grand extra and the 180 seems worth it, given its extra performance dosage.   [gallery orderby="rand"]

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