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Suzuki motorcycles is present in India since a long time and the sheer fact that the very potent Japanese company failed to bring any successful (in terms of number) product in the Indian market has been seen more as a lack of effort by the manufacturer to lure more customers. Suzuki’s absence from the performance commuter segment is something which you cannot expect from such a brand, not when their state-of-the-art litre-class two-wheelers stand proudly at the showrooms. Off-late, Suzuki started working on the performance-commuter segment and the final product’s name rhymes so much with the Suzuki’s flagship litre-class motorcycle that we just could not wait to get a leg over it and pull its accelerator and that too on endless twists.Suzuki Gixxer road test review Even though we rode the motorcycle last week, we are sorry for being late to bring you the story as Suzuki wanted to keep all the information relation to their latest prodigy under wraps, even as many people have already bought the new motorcycle and are riding it happily already! Either ways, most people are yet to know about the new product that is pushed by Suzuki in the already competitive 150cc segment and we bring you firsthand experience of the motorcycle, even though the rain gods tried every possible bid to foil our ride and made the pictures look not-so-good!Suzuki Gixxer road test review Whisper the name Gixxer in the ears of any motorcycle enthusiast, you will see the grin but now that the name has been associated with the higher capacity performance bikes for too long and it takes some time to realize that the Gixxer is a One Hundred and Fifty Five CC displacement motorcycle. Nonetheless, the name had invoked all the good motorcycling feeling in me and expectation went sky-high, or maybe even higher than that! You just cannot name a 150cc motorcycle Gixxer, not when the targeted customer is someone who knows nothing about the nick name of GSX-R series. With all the expectations held in the topmost pocket of my body, I pressed the starter button of the motorcycle to hear the low mechanical noise and sky opened to pour the droplets, which never stopped all the way. The idea was to reach Lavasa city from Pune, unhurt, unhidden, unhindered and purely IMPRESSED! Crossing the Pune city even at 8 AM turned out to be a tedious task. I now know why so many good off-roaders emerge from this city. The city makes you ride on roads whose surface has more craters than the number of vehicles in whole India! Dodging every one of them, I realized the motorcycle feels very nimble and takes turn better than a deer being chased by a predator. You sit in an aggressive yet relaxed position allowing you to dance on the road without much deter.Suzuki Gixxer Headlamp The Gixxer turns heads on road, the designers, who are said to be designing MotoGP bikes and have been involved with the GSX-R series bikes have designed this piece of art. The Gixxer can be easily crowned as the best looker in this segment; the motorcycle carries DNA straight from the elder sibling to attract more eyeballs and to grab attention all around. The three spoke alloy wheel which branches out in the end forms an exquisite design of the motorcycle while an all-black paint-scheme on the engine makes it more stunning. There is a mono-shock to take care of the rear dampening and looks, which is highlighted by the 140 cross-section rear tyre.Suzuki Gixxer dual exhaust The tank of the motorcycle carries a chiseled look with visible strong creases creating the illusion of tough mid-body. The main highlight of the looks goes to the dual-exhaust, which has come to the sub-250cc category for the first time. The exhaust sounds really nice for this segment with a low growl and has been placed to provide better transfer of the fumes. Overall, the motorcycle looks brilliant for its segment.Suzuki Gixxer engine Engine-wise, Suzuki has done a very appreciating job. The company says Suzuki engineers who have worked closely with the MotoGP and GSX-R projects have developed the engine incorporating few technologies from the race-bred motorcycles in the 155cc engine. One such technology is the inverted triangle skirts on the piston, which increases the low-end torque considerably resulting into better city riding and better acceleration. There is also Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP) technology in the motorcycle, which increases the performance and at the same time, decreases the fuel consumption by some secret mechanism, which was not explained to us journalists, but it really works in a good way. The Gixxer gets 5-speed manual transmission, which is taller in nature; I would have loved an extra gear for peppier feeling. The engine response is quick and throttle response is blinking quick! We did feel a bit of power-loss after reaching higher altitudes, but that was not much. The power from the 155cc air-cooled engine is rated at 14.8PS at 8,000 rpm and 14Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm – making it the one with best torque figure in the segment.Suzuki Gixxer front fork Oh the turns, Gixxer loves each and every of them. The 41mm front telescopic fork and rear mono-suspensions work together in harmony to get into tightest of the corners with good speed and stays on the line, putting a weird grin of happiness on your face. The front tyre is 100/80 profile and the rear comes with 140/60R in 17-inch form. The tyres have more of round profile making the motorcycle very nimble and easier to turn. All the happenings of the motorcycle are routed to the all-digital big LCD, which provides information for rpm, gear-shift indicators – which can be changed, and much other information to the rider.Suzuki Gixxer taking turns Even though Suzuki has put the motorcycle in sports-commuter segment, vital features like the Fuel Injection and rear disc-brakes are missing; the rear-disc is not even optional. The brakes are quite good though, I tried to lock the rear-wheel (seldom has we got chances to spend time with non-ABS motorcycles) and it was impossible. Even with those good drum brakes, we would have loved at least an optional rear disc-brake.Suzuki Gixxer dual exhaust Suzuki has surely created a very good product and forced its entry into the Indian market at a very crucial time that is just before the festive season. Now all Suzuki has to do is put good marketing strategy in place and the motorcycle will fly off the sales chart! We sure do hope that Suzuki tastes success with the Gixxer and we would love to see the market response to the new iteration. The question remains, was it able to put an impression on me? Oh yes, certainly! The Gixxer will prove to be very crucial for Suzuki in coming few and months and their efforts show in the motorcycle! Suzuki has priced the Gixxer at Rs. 72,300 (ex-showroom Delhi). [gallery ids="14517,14515,14514,14513,14512,14511,14505,14506,14507,14508,14509,14510,14504,14503,14502,14501,14500,14498,14497,14495,14494,14493,14492,14491,14479,14481,14488,14489,14518,14519"]

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