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5 Videos of Jawa 300 Available
  • Rock and Roll | Jawa vs Imperiale 400 I PowerDrift

    Jan 25, 2020  |   Posted in: Jawa Videos|6635 Views |Write Comment

    Yup, like we promised, we would get you a mega comparison of the affordable retro class and here we are. The Jawa is primarily going up against the Imperiale 400 but the Classic 350 is right behind for its special appearance. Things are about to get retro, old and maybe a little funny! Here’s Varun Painter and Shumi taking you back in time..or maybe not! If this video does 15000 Likes in 24 hours, we promise more of such fun comparisons. Pinky promise!

  • Jawa exhaust note and 0-120kmph sprint : Powerdrift

    Dec 14, 2018  |   Posted in: Jawa Videos|3453 Views |Write Comment

    JAWA is back in a new avatar and Varun is in Udaipur, putting it through its paces. While we wait for the embargo to end, here is a sneak peek of what the Jawa is capable of and what it sounds like. Does it remind you of the good-old original?

  • Jawa walkaround | Nostalgic Details and Sound Revealed |

    Dec 14, 2018  |   Posted in: Jawa Videos|1215 Views |Write Comment

    Gotcha! We actually wanted to take peek at what Jawa brought to the table back in the 1960s. While most of you may know that the gear also doubled up as the kick starter, not many will know that, even in 1960, the Jawa had an automatic clutch for upshifts and downshifts! So while it was a simple motorcycle like its peers at that time, it's little innovations, hidden nuances and quirks like this that earned Jawa the loyal cult following it enjoys today. Can the modern Jawa and Jawa 42 give us the same feels? Stay tuned for a detailed review coming soon.

  • Jawas Are Back | Choose The Right Jawa|

    Dec 14, 2018  |   Posted in: Jawa Videos|6733 Views |Write Comment

    We help you decipher which is the correct Jawa for your taste buds. While they all operate in the neo retro segment, the levels of neo and retro vary on each model despite all three of them bearing more or less similar foundations. So which one will you choose? Let us know in the comment section below.

  • Jawa, Jawa 42 and Jawa Perak (Bobber) | First Look

    Nov 16, 2018  |   Posted in: Jawa Videos|2009 Views |Write Comment

    Czech brand Jawa has come back to life. Classic Legends, the company under which Jawa has been resurrected, has launched three motorcycles that will bring joy to Jawa lovers! The standard motorcycle is called, Jawa, and it is priced at Rs 1.64 Lakh. The Forty Two is a more modernist interpretation of the Jawa look and is priced at Rs 1.55 Lakh. Based on the Jawa is a factory custom called the Perak which is priced at Rs,1.89 Lakh. While the Jawa and Forty Two use a 298cc liquid cooled single-cylinder engine with 27bhp and will be delivered starting 2019. The Perak uses uses a larger 334cc engine with 30bhp and will be available a little later.

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