Techo Electrica Rolls Out Three New Electric Scooters

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Techo Electrica, the Pune-based electric vehicle manufacturing company, has launched the Neo, Raptor, and Emerge e-scooters in India. The three vehicles command an on-road price of INR43,000, INR60,771, and INR72,247 respectively in Pune.

The Emerge sports a retro-styled design and is available in black, red, and yellow colour schemes. Other prominent features include a digital instrument cluster, central locking, LED headlights, and reverse assist function. The Emerge e-scooter comes with a portable lithium-ion battery. The vehicle is powered by a 250w brushless dynamic current (BLDC) motor. The 28Ah 48V lithium-ion battery returns a mileage of 70-80km on a single recharge. Techo claims that the battery can be fully recharged in 4-5 hours. The e-scooter is supported by a telescopic front fork and twin rear shock absorbers, while the wheels have drum brakes at both ends.

The Techo Raptor’s design is quite similar to that of the Honda Grazia. It shares identical features with the Emerge. The e-scooter, however, has a 320Ahx4 12V lead-acid battery which returns 75-80km mileage after 5-7 hours of charging. Along with the Neo, the Raptor is powered by the same 250w BLDC motor. 

The Neo is the most affordable vehicle in the range but misses out on the reverse assist function available on the Raptor and Emerge. The Neo has a smaller 12-litre storage space under the seat and thinner tyres. The e-scooter runs on 10-inch wheels. The Neo shares its underpinnings and the battery setup with the Raptor. 

The company claims that none of the three e-scooters require a license to run since their power output of less than 250w. There’s no need for vehicle registration at the regional transport office (RTO) either.

The company currently has 50 showrooms across the country for sales and service and has taken up plans to expand its dealership network.

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