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Over the past decade, the Honda Activa has managed to garner itself the segment leading crown of the Indian gearless scooter market. The popularity of the Activa has reached such high levels that its brand name has become synonymous to the idea of a gearless scooter itself. However, the segment leaders has been facing some tough competition from a new kid on the block – the TVS Jupiter. With some modern features, a relatively youthful design, and the trusted TVS brand backing, the Jupiter has managed to make a dent in the Activa’s sales figures. But which one of these two scooters is the best in its segment? We try to find an answer to this question through the following detailed specification comparison.

Design & Features

Both, the Activa and the Jupiter, are designed to be gender-neutral offerings that are targeted at the family-oriented buyer segment. However, both these models tend to lean towards the feminine side. This is because of the chubby front apron and a lack of any aggressive design cuts & creases over the body panels. However, the Jupiter is likely to look more attractive to younger buyers, thanks to its blacked out mechanicals and matte paint schemes.

In the feature department, the Activa 5G does score some vital points, thanks to the presence of an all LED headlight, as compared to conventional halogen bulbs found on the Jupiter. It also comes with an analogue-digital instrument cluster with an ‘Eco’ indicator for efficient riding, while the Jupiter gets an all analogue instrument cluster with ‘Eco’ and ‘Power’ indicators that display as per throttle modulations in order to facilitate better fuel efficiency from the engine.

There are ample storage space present on both these scooters, with each one getting an apron hook and a under seat hook to ensure that bags placed on the floorboard don’t fall over. The Activa does have the benefit of a under seat storage that measures 18 litres as compared to the Jupiter’s space of 17 litres. However, the Jupiter offers better practicality and convenience, thanks to its external fuel filler cap that negates the need to step down and open the seat in order to fill petrol, something that Activa owners will need to do. The Jupiter ZX also comes with double sided handle lock and a ‘Duracool’ seat, which is claimed to remain around 10-degree Celsius cooled under direct sunlight.

Engine Specifications





109.19 cc HET engine

109.7 cc SOHC motor


7.96 PS at 7500 rpm

7.99 PS at 7500 rpm


9 Nm at 5500 rpm

8 Nm at 5500 rpm




Powering the Honda Activa 5G is a 109.19 cc single cylinder, air cooled engine that churns out 7.96PS at 7500rpm and a peak torque of 9Nm at 5500rpm. Meanwhile, the TVS Jupiter gets a similarly sized 109.7cc single cylinder, air cooled engine rated at 7.99PS at 7500rpm and 8Nm at 5500rpm. Both scooters get a CVT automatic transmission. While the power outputs are very close, the Activa has 1 Nm of additional torque, which can come in handy when accelerating in stop-go city traffic or from a red light. The Activa also feels a lot more comfortable in carrying two full-grown adults. However, as the speed picks up, the Jupiter manages to surpass the Activa, thanks to its better mated transmission. During out test, the 0-60kmph time for the Jupiter was 9.16 seconds, while the Activa completed the sprint in 10.55 seconds.

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is high on the list of commuter customers. The two scooters are closely matched in this department as well. However, the TVS Jupiter manages to edge ahead with a company claimed fuel economy figure of 62kmpl, as compared to the Activa’s claimed economy of 60kmpl.






1238 mm

1275 mm

Seat height

765 mm

765 mm

Ground clearance

153 mm

150 mm

Fuel tank capacity

5.3 litres

5 litres

Front suspension

Bottom-link type

30 mm Telescopic forks

Rear suspension

Hydraulic shock absorber

Gas-charged monoshock

Front brake

130 mm with CBS

130 mm drum with SBS / 220mm Disc (for ZX Disc & Classic variants)

Rear brake

130 mm with CBS

130 mm disc with SBS

Front tyre

90/100-10, Tubeless


Rear tyre

90/100-10, Tubeless

90/90-12, Tubeless

The Activa has conventional suspension parts that we are habitual of seeing on gearless scooters. The front gets a bottom-link type suspension, while the rear is equipped with a single hydraulic shock absorber. However, the Jupiter gets better equipment levels, with the front end getting 30 mm telescopic forks, and a gas-charged monoshock at the rear. Hence, the Jupiter rides a lot better than its Honda rival. The Jupiter also has larger 12-inch alloys, as compared to the Activa’s 10-inch wheels. The larger wheels help in better stability, especially on poorly paved roads. This, along with the longer wheelbase, make the TVS Jupiter a winner in the cruising and handling department. On the other hand, the Activa takes advantage from a larger 5.3 litre fuel tank, which extends the riding range on a single tank.

Price and Verdict




Rs 53,565


Rs 54,111


Rs 55,430

ZX Disc

Rs 56,163

While the Honda Activa 5G is currently the best selling model in its segment, with the Jupiter ZX, TVS Motor Company has managed to come up with a product that defeats the segment leader in most departments – looks, features, and riding dynamics. So while the Jupiter does win our above specification comparison, the Activa continues to entice buyers with its popular reliable and practical package.


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