Hero Destini 125 Vx vs Suzuki Access 125 SE: Spec Comparison

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Since the time the Suzuki Access made its appearance in the 125cc segment scooter, it has been the go-to choice in the segment. Despite the fact that the competitors kept increasing, the Access never failed to maintain its position. However, it has recently met with one of its newest rivals, the Hero Destini 125, which has triggered a head-to-head clash, both in terms of positioning and pricing. To understand which of them could be the winner, we have provided below a crisp detail comparing both the 125cc scooters. Let’s find out.

As far as the design is concerned, both the scooters belong to the family-oriented segment which makes them very different from the sporty competitors. On one hand, the Hero Destini showcases its better viewpoint with the regular lines that protrude from the front forming a curve that adds to the glamour. On another hand, the Access has chosen an existing style structure. The Hero Destini has got body coloured side-view mirrors which complement the overall look of the scooter, addition of a dual-layered seat and alloy wheels add to the flair. The Suzuki Access comes with mirrors having a chrome finish, which is also spread over some other parts of the body. It also brings in an excellent red colour seat along with five-spoke alloy wheels.

Coming to the features, these two manufacturers have never failed to impress with their respective scooters which can keep their existence intact in the competitive segment. The Hero Destini 125 comes with a regular halogen popping at the front and is equipped with AHO. There is a digital-analog instrument cluster which displays the necessary information to the rider, and also features a service-due reminder. It has an indicator for the side stand, and a fuel tank filler cap which can be opened using a 4-in-1 key slot. A mobile charging port along with underseat boot light is also offered in the Vx variant.

Similarly, the Access 125 also features regular bulbs in both the headlight and the stoplight. Above it is an instrument console indicator that is semi-digital, with a trip meter and a fuel gauge. It also features a USB charging socket, which, however, is not present in the base variant. It also lacks the 4-in-1 key slot and an external fuel tank filler cap which is provided by its existing rival, the Hero Destini.

Coming to the most important part, the performance of both the scooters is almost identical. Both the scooters are quick starters and feature similar and strong mid-range as well. That helps in swift overtakes in heavy traffic, which is an essential need in today’s world. As for the Destini 125, it excels in the mid-range, whereas the Access brings in a much responsive top-end. While the Destini can provide a smooth riding experience amidst the speedy traffic in the city. However, it can get a bit rough once you speed up. Access can also provide an extremely good ride experience irrespective of the high speeds and one can feel the smoothness throughout the rev-band.

Apart from the better performance by the Suzuki Access in the top-end, it also features the Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP), which can drastically reduce the heat from the engine and also better the fuel efficiency. Hero offers idle-stop-start-system, also known as i3S. This efficient feature can detect if the scooter has been at standstill for more than 5 seconds and automatically cuts the power to save unnecessary fuel expenditure. To restart the scooter, it simply requires pulling of the brake levers while twisting the throttle. Hero claims a fair 10 percent better fuel efficiency with this feature. However, it would be better to go by the results of the on-road test over the company’s claims.

The suspension setup of both the scooters are almost the same, the front of the Destini differ a bit being on the stiffer side as compared to the Access. This makes it easier for the scooter to cut the corners and fly through the heavy traffic with ease irrespective of weighing at 111.5kg (kerb wt.).  With its light weight at only 103kg, thanks to the use of fibre parts instead of full metal ones, the Access also provides with a smooth, bump free ride.

The Hero Destini 125, being much affordable than the Suzuki Access, has an upper hand with almost identical specification and features.

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