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It is that time of the year when the automotive market is filled with customers, thanks to the nearing festive season. Manufacturers have also started various offers and deals on their products in order to attract more customers to their portfolio. In such a situation, customers can get confused about their purchase decisions, thanks to the increasing number of products available in a specific price bracket. And when, after multiple hours of research, a customer finally zeroes down to his / her product decision, another confusion crops up – what colour?

If you are a customer looking at the Hero MotoCorp portfolio and are confused about which colour to purchase, we have come up with a list of the best colour options available on all popular two-wheelers from the Indian manufacturer.

Hero Xtreme 200R

The Xtreme 200R is the biggest capacity motorcycle launched under the Xtreme range. It is marketed as a performance-oriented commuter, i.e., a daily-use motorcycle that can give you some doses of fun when you rip open the throttle. Hero is currently offering the Xtreme 200R in four dual-tone colour options - Grey-Orange, Black-Red, Black-Silver, and Red-Blue.

Out of the aforementioned colour options, we find the Red-Blue colour scheme to be the best suited for the Xtreme 200R. In this colour shade, all cuts and creases on the motorcycle are visually accentuated, thus giving the bike an enticing road presence.

Hero Xtreme Sports

The Xtreme Sports is placed below the 200R in Hero’s portfolio. It can be considered as a docile sibling of the Xtreme 200R. However, the Xtreme Sports is in no way a boring looking product. Instead, it gets various contemporary design elements like LED pilot lights, sharp headlight cluster, angular fuel tank extensions, LED tail lights, and sleek body graphics. It is currently available in five colours - Red, Black, Orange, Silver, and Black & Red dual tone.

The dual tone Black & Red paint scheme is the perfect combination for the Xtreme Sports. The Black treatment of the front half of the bike helps in providing a stealth look, while the Red accents on the rear half adds some much needed charisma to the motorcycle’s character.

Hero Glamour

The Hero Glamour is one of the best looking 125 cc motorcycles in the country. It gets an ergonomic riding posture, which is essential for a commuter motorcycle, but also lends a sport feel from its looks. These looks are accentuated by the range of dual tone colour schemes that are on offer with the Hero Glamour. These include black-red, black-blue, and black-silver. Customers interested in the Hero Glamour can also opt for an all Red paint scheme for the bike.

We personally feel that the Candy Blazing Red colour suits the bike best. It adds a pinch of flamboyance to the motorcycle’s looks, which helps in making it stand out from all other 125cc commuter motorcycles present in the market.

Hero Splendor iSmart+

The Hero Splendor iSmart+ is the company’s cash cow and is one of the best selling products in its portfolio. It is also certainly amongst the best looking 110cc offerings currently on sale in the Indian market. The bike gets some vibrant paint schemes and cleverly used body graphics, both of which help in improving the motorcycle’s road presence. Hero currently offers four colour options with the Splendor iSmart+ - Blue, Red, Green, and Black.

The best colour for the Splendor iSmart+ is the Techno Blue. It is the optimum combination of vibrancy and contained bling. This colour scheme thus draws attention, but doesn’t look too over-the-top.

Hero Maestro Edge

Hero Maestro Edge is one of the most well designed scooter currently on sale in the Indian market. Hero has given it ample cuts and creases in order to make it look bold and more masculine, without making any loud and uncanny alterations. The Maestro’s bulky body also helps in ensuring that people passing by notice it. Hero offers a wide range of colour options with the Maestro Edge, including Night Star, Blue, Matte Grey, Matte Blue, Black, Silver, Red, Matte Grey & Red, Matte Grey & Blue.

Hero uses the Techno Blue shade for all Maestro Edge commercials and communication prints. And we believe that the reason behind this choice is the fact that the Techno Blue colour suits the Maestro Edge best. It makes the scooter look contemporary, and provides a cool looking contrast against the blacked out parts.

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