Audi Motorrad Supersport 10R: Concept

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This is the concept model which is designed by Alexander Wolf, a  22 year old recent graduate in Industrial Design from Italy. This is just a hypothetical two-wheeled Audi branded Motorrad, which is named as Audi 10R Supersport . The concept Audi Supersports 10R superbike is a bike which will be powered by 1000cc V4 engine setup. Its components provides highest quality in order to maximize performance , while the design draws its lines from the models of Ducati and adding the elements of the Audi. So basically Audi and Ducati are merged into a concept.

Alexander commented on this project: "The idea came from the actual acquisition of Ducati by Audi. intent is not to eliminate the Ducati brand but create a new one, in such a way as to direct competition with BMW (Audi will use their knowledge together with those of Ducati, it would compete in itself because it would have different targets, just think of the Volkswagen group that uses the same platform for who owns various brands) " . then adds , "In addition to making an exercise in style I edited the marketing plan, the mechanical layout, the use of environmentally friendly materials that make up the middle (aluminum, for example Baypreg F), ergonomics , aerodynamics and an app for smartphones and tablets to make known the product, I also made ??an introduction to motorcycling, its history, how to make a superbike and the importance of 3D modeling to the present day " .

Although CEO of Audi, Rupert Stadler said,” Ducati will remain Ducati”. So it is clear from the statement that there are no plans for Audi to make this concept a reality.


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