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    • Author Name Raj
      Good follow up by the sales team to connect with potential buyers.
    • Author Name Balaji J
      Gaadi helped to valuate my car exactly so that I fixed my car price. Thanks to
    • Author Name K Raman is a specialized portal for Vehicle which gives good amount of comparisons
    • Author Name MANINDER
      Very good response but I think due to the paid ad only
    • Author Name Geethanjali
      Thank you for your service.
    • Author Name Karthieyan
      yes, I am very happy that I sold my car through I never ever expected that in buyers response is wonderful. This is my personal experience. I posted @ 11.00 Am and my car deal is closed by 3.00pm. With in 4 hr. The beauty is before selling through I enquired with the other dealers , they are asking for very low price and gaad.comi helped me to make better deal. Thanks and continue your service which leads your business...
    • Author Name Hamid
    • Author Name Pradeep Kumar S
    • Author Name Jyoti Prakash Tripathi
      Hi,It was a nioce experience and I got customers queries within one week and my car was sold.Thank You.
    • Author Name Venkatesh Sridhar
      Thank you!
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