Ford Ikon 1.4 Dura Torque Good looking sporty Sedan Car

by vikram singh - 30 Dec 09 at 3:33 pm
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Pros Ford Ikon 1.4 Dura Torque-Great looks, good mileage.

Cons Rear Screen Wiper not present, Rear boot button not present insisde car

Price wise its a valur to Money.

Look wise its totally sporty sedan like racing car
having small steering wheel makes you feel that you driving sports car.

wheel - power

- power windows controls

suspension - good
for 5 peoples. when you are using tubeless tyres then suspension is extremely good
/> lights - front lights looks smarter but you need to switch on fog lights while driving on dark
roads, highway.

AC and Heater - extremely good in performance.

are comfortable.

rear boot is having a big space that can accommodate 2 big
briefcases and other small bags too.

Mileage is a very important factor that
everybody rely on while purchasing car

I am getting good response when you will talk
about average mileage of FORD IKON 1.4 Dura Torque i.e. 21+ Km per Litres.

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  • Surold Iswary

    Mar 27 2011 , 9:41 pm

    i love the car-new ikon ikool, but worried about maintainence cost...that i come accross while reviewing different cars by different reviewers. my car is M-800 AC, bought in april 2010. likely to upgrade to sedan diesel like FORD


    Dec 31 2009 , 5:30 pm

    I seem ford ikon is more powerfull than old. The old ikon was very stylish and powerfull but cost is very low.So I wish that the new Ikon will be more powerfull and cost will be very low so that reason this car will success , I promise It...

      SIJO.T.JOSE  Dec 31 2009 , 5:34 pm

      It will have more millage and high BHP. The seating of this car make as Abasidor (HM).Then it will be more comfertable seat.

      Tharun  Jan 31 2012 , 9:41 am

      Hi shall I buy ford ikon some are telling maintenance cost is high shall I buy this car or not to buy

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