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I have a Maruti 800 of 1998 model. As per the policy I have re-register the car in 2013. I want to knw how much do I need to spend in hyderbad for re-registeration.. If it is too costly is it a good idea to sell my car. If so what can be a decent price f
majeed | 16 Aug 2011
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Maruti 800 Uniq 2014

Maruti 800 Uniq (2014)

Registration no : HR | Colour : White | City : Rohtak | Asking Price : 65,000 - 65,000
Description : MARUTI SUZUKI 800cc car .Leaves all latest 800cc to 1300 cars behind , excellent suspension, power, quality and workmanship, japnese quality used,.complete reliable less maintainece car 800cc suzuki japnese engine with manual transmission, which is very smooth and giving fuel ecenomy of -+22 on highway. it is impossible to find this model car in this original condition, which is just better than the latest technology cars. There are many models of suzuki 800 in india but so much maintained or
Tata Indigo eCS 2010-2013 LS 2011

Tata Indigo eCS 2010-2013 LS (2011)

Registration no : WB04F1008 | Colour : White | City : Kolkata | Asking Price : 2,85,000 - 2,85,000
Description : I want to sell my car , this veh drive only one prn from showroom to up, so in this veh have no any problem with original colour with work in company
Maruti Regina

Maruti Regina

Suzuki's concept car for the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show is this - the Regina. It is also a known fact that most of the affordable and small models from the
Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage

Having a small car in your portfolio is not only important but if you want to do well in the Indian market in terms of big volumes, it is a must. Mits

Fiat Linea 2012 - 2014 Reviews

Upgrade from maruti esteem to FIAT Linea Dynamic Diesel
" I just upgraded myself from my good faithful maruti Esteem to the Grand Looking FIAT LINEA Diesel. I gifted myself with at LINEA Diesel Dynamic model, Flamenco Red Color. Well a frank feedback, I have completed about 400km of driving and the car is quite clean and comfy. The interiors are very room " - 18-Sep-09

Hyundai i10 Reviews

I10. My first car. Best in the price segment.
" I10 - What should I say about this car. This was one of my most hated car due to its unusual design (So called Fluidic design) when it was launch. But see now, I do not stop recommending this car. My car just completed her 90,000 km. That is how the I10 as well as Hyundai has changed my opinion, not " - 24-Sep-13
Skoda Citigo first look review
"No matter how successful you are in other segments, if you do not have a small car in your portfolio, domination of the Indian automobile market i"- 12-Mar-13
Chevrolet Sail sedan road test review
"Introduction As you might imagine making and selling cars is not easy. You have to understand what the car-buyer wants and then go through a long p"- 22-Mar-13
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About Car's light
"Hi to all, I have Hyundai i10 car.While driving
at the night,I am feeling that my car's head light
is not that much powerful or little bit weak.At
the time servicing ,the authorized dealer of
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Can we buy Neno or wait for some more time
"Can i buy neno Cx / lx model. i d'nt have too much
to expend. or i have to wait for more 2-3 year so
that i reach at a level where i can buy sme car
cost more then 3 or 3.5 L. is buying neno is not