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Hello I want to buy an used SUV (Scorpio, Sumo, Xylo, Safari or Tavera) Which one of these has cheapest and least frequent maintenance? I heard that Scorpio has a problem of wobbling and shaking. Is it true? If so then why, faulty design?
Tamal Pal | 16 Aug 2011
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All these vehicles are high and hence have high center of gravity. Due to this, not only the Scorpio, but all these vehicles feel unstable at high speeds. As for cheapest to run - it boils down to the kind of driving you do. We suggest u always opt for extended warranty. Dont buy the Tavera as the new one is due - it also has a lesser re-sale value as compared to the other cars here
Admin | 16 Aug 2011, 2:43 pm | report abuse
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