Renault Duster Offers in December 2014

Most Renault models have offers and discounts going on throughout the year and the Duster is no different. However, these are the exact details on all the schemes currently applicable on the Duster for the month of December 2014. The information will consist of cash discounts, exchange offers, freebies, corporate discounts and schemes currently applicable on the Duster.


Sr. No. Make-Model Details Offer Time
1. Renault Duster 2 Years Additional Warranty + Free 4 Years Roadside Assistance

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Offer Ends: 20 Dec 2014

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Renault Duster Offer History *Offers not active at this moment

Sr. No. Make-Model Offer Month Detail
1. Renault Duster December 2014 2 Years Additional Warranty + Free 4 Years Roadside Assistance

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2. Renault Duster October 2014 Assured 2 gram Gold Coin on Booking, Till October 21st Only, 2 Years Additional Warranty, Free 4 Years Roadside Assistance

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3. Renault Duster September 2014 2 years additional warranty, Free 4 years road side assistance
4. Renault Duster August 2014 Exchange Offer:Rs. 45,000/-
Benefits up to Rs.30,000 + Additional 2 Years Warranty

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5. Renault Duster July 2014 Additional 2 Years Warranty** Free 4 Years Road Side Assistance, 2nd Anniversary Addition @ Rs 8.88 Lakh*

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6. Renault Duster May 2014 Exchange Offer:Rs. 25,000/-
2 years Additional Warranty + 4 year Roadside Assistance + Free Gang of Dusters Membership

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7. Renault Duster April 2014 Avail Assured Gold Coin + Exchange Offer During Navratri

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8. Renault Duster March 2014 Exchange Offer:Rs. 25,000/-
Additional 2 Year Warranty + Free Road Side Assistance for 4 year + Insurance At Rs. 1/-

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*Disclaimer: The offers mentioned above have been collected by our representatives from various dealerships from across the country. These offers are correct to the best of our knowledge but there may be some variations in the details from dealer to dealer.

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