Yamaha FZ-series receives minor upgrades

Popular 150cc bike, the FZ 16 and others from this series, get a few changes to keep them from rapidly aging. The FZ-S also gets a new paint shade- Fiery Orange.The FZ-S is now being offered with a choice of as many as 4 colors to chose from- Black Cyber Green, Sunset Red, Competition White and the new Fiery Orange.

Yamaha FZ Fiery Orange

The FZ series in India also gets a revised pillion seat. This is owing to the feedback the FZ users have been providing to the bike manufacturer. It is no secret that the FZ’s pillion seat isn’t the most comfortable around. Now, the rear seat has been elongated and widened a little.FZ series also gets a new grab rail. Yamaha says,“The grab bar not only acts as a backrest but is something the pillion rider can hold on to if the road is bumpy”. The FZ also gets a new chain cover to cover both the upper and lower portions of the chain.

Unfortunately, the engine has remain untouched. The good bit here though is that the prices remain unchanged. While most of these changes might go unnoticed, I am quite sure that the better half will surely enjoy the revised seat.