Third edition Nissan Student Brand Manager kicked off.

Nissan is back with its third season of the Nissan Student Brand Manager (NSBM) Program. It is Nissan's initiative to train budding brand managers across India by picking out 30 of thousands of applicants and training them in the art of conceptualizing and coming up with new ideas to promote a brand.
Dinesh Jain, CEO, Hover Automobiles India Pvt. Ltd, Nissan's Sales & Marketing Partner in India launched the event formally in front of the media. Speaking on the occasion he said that the fact that NSBM enters the third consecutive year reflects Nissan's seriousness about identifying and nurturing management talents, to give them the right exposure in the field of marketing. NSB 2012 is an opportunity for the students to seex, explore and stretch their capabilities by associating with the Nissan brand.

Nissan Student Brand Management
Nissan has tied up with Bloomberg and the entire training will be aired on national television as a reality series. It is also Nissan's way of promoting their brand in the country. The application and selection procedure started in the 1st of this month and would continue up till the end of May, with the applications being accepted through their website, Facebook page and email.
Speaking at the event, Mr. Kakkar, who is one of the panelists for selection of these students, said that this program focuses on judging all the applicants on the same level, without discriminating them on the basis of their economic and social background; they are looking out for the best talent in terms of content. Although the program is not a way of recruiting Nissan employees, it is a way of educating them about how the corporate and branding system works, they would also absorb deserving participants into Nissan.
This year's jury would include Marketing guru, Dr. Nirmalya Kumar from the London Business School as one of the judges. It also includes last year's judges like Mr. Kakkar, who came on board last year.
The selected participants would be given a kit to help them get going, that includes a T-shirt, visiting cards, their own Nissan Micra and INR 10,000 as a grant each month to help them conceptualize and implement new ideas on Nissan brand visibility and sustenance. The range of activities they would have to perform range from setting up test-drives for their college students to creating a buzz in the college community about the Nissan brand, and unique ideas.
The participation and selection criteria were listed at the launch. Students applying should have had completed their first year of course and should register online on the website by submitting their proposal in the basis of the theme decided by the jury as a PPT or PDF file. The entries that have been shortlisted would be called for zonal rounds in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata to face the jury, and 30 finalists after the finale round would be appointed for this program to be trained by Nissan experts for the roll-out of the 6 month long program.