Porsche points out lack of racing infrastructure in India

German car maker Porsche, the manufacturers of some of the best sports cars available across the globe. Rod Wallace, the managing director of Porsche India , pointing out the absence of any sort of racing infrastructure in Indian market.

He also points out that the Chinese market has scaled up rapidly for Porsche from 80 cars every year to 8,000 within five years because of the available infrastructure for racing.Wallace said Porsche is not eyeing sales volumes in India also we are aiming for the brand awareness and to identify ‘owner-driver’ dealers which is still quite low for the Porsche brand.

In 2007, the company managed to sell 101 cars but it has already doubled its target to 200 for this year and aims to sell 500 cars by 2010.Currently, the company has only one dealer each in Mumbai and Delhi but by beginning of 2010 there should be 11 dealerships across Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.