New Alto 800 launch on Oct 16


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New Alto 800 will be launched in India on October 16th which is ahead of the lighting festival to give a boost in sales and give other rivals a run for their money with new design on both exteriors and interiors. The company is making all efforts to make sure that the top-selling car model in India for the last eight years does well after the launch.

New Alto 800 will be offered in two variants including the petrol and CNG that should keep the car mileage in a good shape. These days, the buyers are relying more on diesel models as the overall cost goes south by 30% even after the government of India hiking the price of diesel. The only way to sell the new models would be offering it at a right price.

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New Alto 800 rear

New Alto 800

The new Alto 800 comes with an investment of Rs 2.7-billion  to develop the new Alto which is 15% more fuel-efficient than the existing model which now offered. Maruti Suzuki will also launch three models that will run on CNG.

Apart from this, the company also plans to export the new Alto 800 to Africa and Latin America by the end of 2012. The company has not disclosed the price at the moment as the lighting festival is on Nov 13th as sales usually see a bump during this month because Hindus consider it to be an auspicious time to make new purchases.

Finally, if the company wants to see a good number in sales in the first couple of days that could only be done through the price, variants as well as better fuel-efficiency. The company has sold over 2-million units of Alto and 2.75 lakh units of Alto has been exported since its initial launch 12 year ago.

What you think the price should be?

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Source: wsj

  1. The price should be anything from 2.2 lack to 2.5

  2. the price would be 2.75 to 3.25 lakh.

  3. new alto looks more inspired by A star which was not much of a success.but alto being a brand in itself for common man may able to pull masses.

  4. the car should be priced slightly higher than Maruti 800 ie.2.15 to 2.40 lakhs for basic to topmost model or it will get setback from competitors Hyundai cheverlet Spark.

  5. The model has been shown in the website is somewhat impressive.. I need all details of the new model alto.

  6. Considering the price, I think there are better cars out there, which are more stylish and spacious.This car’s looks are like a half cut-pase job … I don’t think it’s nice

  7. I heard about the new Alto 800 and thought of buying it but when I got to know that the cost of the car is 2.44lakhs, I dropped the idea and decided to buy the Tata Nano. I find Tata Nano worth its cost as compared to Alto 800.


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