Mercedes-Benz testing B-Class in Pune, India.



There is a lot of speculation going about the Mercedes-Benz B-Class coming to India. Some suggest it could be priced above Rs 20 lakhs, in which case it would be interesting to see if the market is mature enough to accept a 20 plus lakh car which is technically classified as a hatchback. Personally, I think the B-Class could stand a chance if it is priced in the Rs 15-20 lakh bracket, that's considering, Mercedes-Benz is also planning to launch a crossover SUV to take on the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3.

The new B-Class could be classified as a large hatchback, still it won't be as big as any other MPV available in the Indian market today. The most expensive models come from Toyota, Mahindra and Tata Motors. The B-Class surely does carry the three pointed star on the bonnet. But, is the Indian customer ready for an expensive premium hatchback? That said, no one has a clear idea as to when Mercedes-Benz plans to launch this car in to the Indian market.

Image courtesy: Team-BHP

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