Mark Webber, Gautam Gambhir play cricket at Noida International University

Mark Webber and Gautam Gambhir

Mark Webber and Gautam Gambhir

The second edition of the Indian Grand Prix with Mark Webber from Red Bull Racing team is all set to celebrate this festive season in India. Webber had a shot at playing Cricket with Red Bull athlete Gautam Gambhir at Noida International University, yesterday.

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Both the two Red Bull athletes played against each other and enjoyed a short spell of cricket. The game was full of excitements with Webber trying to outdo Gambhir.

Webber said, “A trip to India is incomplete without the delicious food and a game of cricket. Cricket as a sport requires a lot of concentration and hand-eye coordination, especially under extreme conditions, and so does Formula One. As an athlete, I am always eager to try my hand at new sports and today’s experience made it worthwhile.â€

“It was a rare experience of playing cricket with a Formula One athlete, Mark Webber. I am looking forward to watch the Indian Grand Prix from the race circuit, this weekend, with Webber and Vettel battling it out on the track,†said Gambhir.