Mahindra Racing Team gathers points at Le Mans.

Team Mahindra Racing’s Marcel Schrotter gained first points for the team at Le Mans. The race which saw 33 bikes at the start line finished with only half of them due to soldiering conditions of the track.

Mahindra Moto3
Marcel Schrotter finished on the 12th place at the French GP on his all-new Mahindra MGP-30 Moto3 machine. Marcel’s teammate Danny Webb also became a victim of the slippery conditions and couldn’t finish the race. “It shows that you must never give up. We are working hard to develop this new machine and there is a lot of work to do. But if we all work together we can do it,” said Mahindra Racing COO Mufaddal Choonia.

MARCEL SCHRÖTTER – 12th Position
We had so many problems this weekend and the conditions were treacherous. Our engine is quite aggressive, making it more difficult in the wet. From the start, it was so difficult – so slippery you could hardly go round the corners. By the end I just wanted to finish, even if I lost positions. But it paid off, because so many other riders crashed, and I did finish and it is good to get points.
DANNY WEBB – Did Not Finish
I had a problem on the grid and had to start from pit lane ... they’d already gone when I got going. I overtook one person and had quite a nice rhythm. I could see I was starting to catch Marcel, then I tried a little bit too hard, and the bike was down. We’ve had loads of problems this weekend, but we’ll keep trying and we’ll be alright.