Jazz helping sales of City

Auto maker Honda seems not discouraged by tepid response of Jazz in the Indian car market. After 6 months of its launch Jazz is selling less than 1000 units per month, when it started at 2000 unit sales a month just after its launch.


According to sources the launch of Jazz has helped the sales of City, as when customers come to check Jazz they end up buying slightly expensive City as it offers them more features, and look of a bigger car. Interestingly the small but high-end Jazz is built on City platform and has 60% common components. The biggest reason for less that expected sales of Jazz in India is the pricing of the car. A less expensive car of the segment Hyundai i20 has been selling better due to lower pricing.

  1. Actually the new city is made on Jazz platform – that explains the identical width, tyre size of both cars except different wheel-base (length of the cars). All city owners complain that the nose of the car touches on braking hard over speed brakers but actually the longer body of city sways over a short chassis. The interiors of city is desi compared to jazz although the later is one and a half lakhs cheaper! Both cars return the similar fuel average because of identical weights. One can drive jazz at 30 km/h in 5th gear without the car shutting off!(amazing isn’t it?). Both cars have oversized radiators with twin cooling fans – a Honda exclusive; ACs of both cars are excellent.


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