India Bike Week 2013 in Goa

For all the bike lovers in India, get ready for a grand biking festival in Goa on Feb 2nd and 3rd. This is first of its kind in India, the largest show which includes bike, bikers and music. This festival will include 26 Live Bands & DJ’s, 3 Concert Stages, 100+ amazing Bikes, 16 Cage Fighters, the Cigar & Whiskey Club & Howling Dog Bar, Biker Build Off, Flea Markets, 2 Race Tracks, Stunt Zones and the Vintage Bike Concours. 8,000 Bike & Festival.

The tickets are available at a cost of Rs 3,000 with early bird discount of 10 percent from Dec 5th to 25th. Females will get a discount of Rs 500 on registration. 10 percent group discount is also available on a group of more than 10 people.

Whats more ? a Vintage Bike Concours, Superbike & Customization Stages, Stunt Arena, 3 Music Stages, MMA Fight Stage, Open Gym, Cigar & Whiskey Club, Biker Flea Market, Biker Journey Cinema, Pimp My Bike & The Fixer Zone, Brand Exhibitor Zone, Men of Steel Parade & Ride of the Heavies.

This festival is all about celebrating the passion of bikers. Two weeks to go for this thrilling, exciting and eventful biking festival.