Hyundai launches Santro Eco

Hyundai Motor India Ltd launched the much-awaited LPG version of its flagship brand Santro Eco. The LPG variant will be priced Rs 21,500 more than the existing petrol model. Powered by the 1.1 litre, eRLX engine, Santro eco comes with separate petrol (35 litre) and LPG (27.2 litre) tanks as the option to choose from both LPG and petrol mode. The LPG tank in the Santro eco has a special ‘Toroidal’ design that allows intelligent use of space and makes larger luggage room.

The ex-showroom Delhi price for Santro eco (GL) is Rs 354,294 and Santro eco (GLS) is Rs 373,357. Announcing the launch, HMIL managing director H S Lheem, said, “We have taken a conscious decision at Hyundai to make environment-friendly car and we are furthering our initiative of launching alternate fuel vehicle which take this theme forward. We had earlier introduced the CNG Santro and today we are launching the LPG version of our flagship brand Santro.”

The LPG kit is approved by DOE (Department of Explosives) and certified and tested by ARAI (Automotive research Association of India).LPG system in Santro eco enjoys full two-year manufacturer warranty benefits, thus ensuring enhanced safety for the customers.This is the lowest greenhouse gas emission as it emits lower CO2, as compared to the petrol or the diesel version.

  1. Santro LPG model has a major design flaw which causes excessive waer-and-tear of the clutch assembly and eventually damages it. I own a Santro GLS LPG model and the clutch assmebly got damaged thrice in last 1.5 years.

    And the vapouriser got damaged once. The vapouriser is an engine component in the engine which converts the LPG and petrol into vapours so that the engine can generate power. I am overly fed up with the clutch problem. The clutch problem is so severe that the clutch starts jamming hardly a week after the service and eventually damages the entire assembly.

    As usual, the Hyundai executives expalin it as a problem due to improper driving. This is ridiculous as I also drive a Maruti Wagon-R since last 3.5 years and never have had a single problem with the car.

    I would suggest Hyundai to mark a disclaimer with all their vehicles that they are extremely sensitive to the driving conditions and are not responsible for poor performance of their vehicles.

    I strongly recommend to not to opt for the Hyundai vehicles as I myself am in the process of dis-owning the vehicle.

  2. nice car


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