Hyundai Launches eco-friendly i10 Blue Drive.

Even multinational automobile manufacturers are feeling the heat of continuous escalation of prices of fossil fuel and responding in their own way by launching alternative fuel cars. Hyundai India introduced LPG variant of the already popular hatchback i10 in India today.
Powered by 1.1 litre iRDE2 engine, the eco-efficient ‘blue drive’ technology will feature in Next Gen Era and Magna Variants. The efficient car comes with easy petrol to LPG shift that will translate into unique experience of reliable performance and fuel economy. The specially developed ‘Toroidal’ LPG fuel tank allows saving up huge boot space than conventional LPG-fitted cars and fills up 34 litre of LPG with a separate 35 litre tank for Petrol.
The Alternator Management System (AMS) is an innovative technology developed by Hyundai which controls the power delivery to the battery in an intelligent way which increases mileage and also extends the battery life. The LPG kit is i10 blue drive is impact resistant and is approved by DOE and enjoys full 2 year warranty benefits.
The i10 LPG goes on sale at Rs 4.16 (Era) and Rs 4.30 (Magna) lakh, ex-showroom Delhi