Harley Davidson to offer customization in India

Motorcycles are meant for passionate people and of them all, a few rides Harley Davidson, who offers customization to suit the personality of the rider. The iconic American brand was launched in India with 6 models without any option to customize the bike.

Recently, Harley Davidson showcased their range of customized products and announced the customizing options will be available in India. There will as many as 20 customizations for the customers and any customer can tailor-make the bike according to his taste. The options include saddle height, windscreen, type of handlebar, LED pods, custom wheel rims, digital and analog tachometers, palm grips, foot pegs, fuel tank caps, mirror, turn indicators, brake lines, engine and crankcase heads, exhaust mufflers, breather kits and much more. All these parts will be imported and won’t come cheap. Well, you do need to pay to ride a unique bike, after all it is tailor-made for you and grabs the attention of all the mortal souls around.