Ford Fiesta – now with a 6-speed dual clutch automatic transmission

Ford has been doing a lot of activities in the Indian market in the past few weeks - the new limited Endeavour was launched, the Figo got more features in the Titanium Plus version and now its the turn of the C Segment sedan or the new Fiesta - Ford is all set to launch the automatic Fiesta in the Indian market.
We are currently with Ford in Goa and all set to experience and drive something that is completely unique in this segment of cars. True that the City, Verna, SX4 and the Vento have automatic options but what the Ford has in its kitty is far ahead in technology. The Fiesta will get the new 6-speed dual clutch powershift transmission in the Indian market.
The PowerShift transmission is based on manual transmission technology and eliminates the need for a torque converter, planetary gears, and fluid pumps found in typical automatic transmissions. The PowerShift uses a dual dry sump clutch system and has two clutches with one clutch working first, third, and fifth gears with the other clutch working second, fourth, and sixth gears. As gears shift, each clutch alternately shifts the gears as the other clutch is disengaged. Ford states that the design of the transmission is particularly well suited to cars like the Fiesta and at the end of the day, help in increasing the fuel economy by a good margin over a conventional auto system!
We will keep bringing you more details as and when they unfold!

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