Chevrolet Beat – A car that deserves a lot more!

A perfect car with imperfect sales! The Chevrolet Beat is a funky little hatchback that rose to fame in the famous “Transformer” Hollywood flick. It combines almost everything that today’s youth and most of the Indian middle class family men desire from a hatchback. It looks hot for a hatchback, has jazzy and modern interiors and the latest slightly upgraded SMARTECH engine is a delight to drive in town and on the highways. On the pricing front too, the Beat range starts from around Rs 3.5 lakh, translating into a value for money buy. All these factors do seem to be tempting but sadly, this isn’t the case with the sales figures.

We at did a little research on the sales figures of the Beat for the last six months and were pretty surprised and shocked with the data.
As seen in this graph, the Beat’s sales have fallen as much as 51% in June 2011 as compared to Jan 2011. A monthly sales of just 1,614 units (in June 2011) puts it almost at the bottom of the hatchback segment – and that’s a shame for a car that has so much potential. Its also surprising and shocking for a car that packs in so much! So, what could be the main factors responsible for this? Brand value, interior space, boot space, fuel economy, lack of a diesel etc are some of the factors that seem to be culprits. But a continous slide in sales figures from Jan 2011 all the way to June 2011? Well, what do you think? Share your opinion with us here!

Read more about the Diesel Beat HERE

  1. I totally agree with the fact that no doubt BEAT was even one of my favourites’ and I personally liked it so much that I almost went to the showroom to book one. But some how wat i was surprised was the small interior cabin, although I was looking for a hatchback but in this car even 3 people cannot accomodate easily at the back seat.
    Overall its a good package, but I think to be more competitive the co. should either lower the price of the vehicle, or give additional accessories, or give out some new schemes. May be that would definitely help.

  2. Tarunjyoti Tewari July 10, 2011, 7:50 pm

    I am a beat user. i just love the car. its value for money and now I am going to book Beat diesel. i hope it will also keep my faith like my previous chevy cars.

  3. Hi all,

    Thanks in advance. I am to buy Beat in 3 days. Any owner of beat kindly call me for some comments and personal chat regarding the performance of Beat.

    Best of health and Happiness.

    Dr. Raj 9718990202

  4. I was so crazy about beat becos of its look. But after seeing the leg room,head room & length of rear seat of beat I decided to buy some other car. Now i will be booking my ritz. But i still love the exterior & interior of beat (except rear leg room). Also i was comparing Beat diesel with ritz diesel. Rear seat is the reason for decline of its sales. I would have been easily a beat owner by now but for its rear space.


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