Bajaj Auto annual sales figures announced

 Bajaj Auto has announced their annual sales figures. Leading the growth was the commercial vehicles segment. The annual sales of Bajaj Auto vehicles which include the GC Max and RE range grew by 18 percent over the past year. The total sales of commercial vehicles stood at over half a million units compared to last year's 436,884 units. In the month of March, Bajaj sold 34,667 units.

Coming to motorcycles where a lot of action was to be expected, Bajaj Auto's sales hovered close to the 4 million unit mark. The annual sales of Bajaj motorcycles stood at 3,834,405 units which is 13 percent more compared to last year. In the month of March 2012 alone, the comany sold more than 3 lakh units which is 10 percent over the final figure of the same month last year.

Finally, annual exports rose by 31 percent from 1,203,718 to 1,579,824. This also the highest number ever reached by Bajaj Auto's annual exports. That said, monthly exports grew by 54 percent which again is commendable. Bajaj is also preparing for the big launch of the year. The Pulsar 200NS will soon be launched in the country and then we could expect sales to spike yet again.